Why do people love coffee in Indonesia?


Coffee has become part of Indonesian culture. This is one of the causes of the public favored coffee. Indonesian people who have high social life, often hold meetings in the frequency often. For example, when joined together, build a house, work together, and community activities are another. The coffee is used as a symbol of togetherness and release thirst. When relaxing together, they use coffee as a solicitation language. When someone invites others to relax and chat, they might say, "let's get coffee". Joking atmosphere into a liquid in the presence of coffee with them. Someone who visit to the neighbor's house, going to get coffee as a symbol of good reception.

Coffee is also a symbol for the simple life. The coffee is processed foods that simple. Coffee is full of meaning in life and a symbol of togetherness.

In a cup of coffee, there are a million meanings. The coffee is bitter sweet mixed with sugar. Problems in life are like bitter coffee. With the right dose of sugar is sweet, bitter and fitting into favor. Problems in life sometimes as a cup of coffee. Sometimes needs to be released. To drink a cup of coffee put little by little. That's how we find solutions to the problems in our lives. Resolve slowly. Little by little.

In a cup of coffee there is the meaning of life is great. That's why people like coffee. Coffee as a symbol of togetherness, coffee as a symbol of simplicity. Coffee as a reminder to the complexity of the problem and the solution life.


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