Passed year, this 4 Reasons plane MH370 Not Found


Three large-scale plane crash occurred in 2014 ago. All three are Malaysian airline. Two of them are Malaysia Airlines. One again, AirAsia.

Two of the three incidents, namely Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia QZ8501 MH17 is almost solved. At least the wreckage and found the victim.

But not so for MH370. Already a year has passed, but the plane was carrying 239 people has not been found.


Prime Minister (PM) Australia Tony Abbott hinted at the possibility it will reduce the intensity of the plane carrying 239 search the person. But he promised to solve the mystery disappearance of the ill-fated aircraft.

"I hope the ongoing search to this day to fruition," Abbott said in Parliament House Canberra, as preached BBC, March 5, 2015. "I can not promise the intensity of the search will continue as before. But we will do our best to solve the mystery and provide an answer. "

Meanwhile, Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai insists it remains committed to finding the plane carrying 239 men. With the help of experts, he sure can find the fateful flight in May 2015.

"Yes, the aircraft may be found in May. This is what the experts say to us," said Liow Tiong Lai, in an interview with CNN, and loaded Today Online, March 7, 2015. "We believe, we hope to finish this quest in May and we find the plane. We found the plane, we can find it. "

As reported by USAToday, there are at least four reasons why MH370 aircraft has not been found. Here's his review:

1. Sea Depth

AirAsia QZ8501 debris is in the Java Sea and the Strait Karimata Indonesia relatively shallow. So flake easily accessible and is found. MH17 debris found in Ukraine in quick time. Because the fall in the mainland.

Meanwhile, MH370 final destination is not known with certainty, although the Government of Malaysia and Australia believes Boeing 737-200ER it flew into the southern Indian Ocean. Known in the Indian Ocean, making it difficult to find objects that fell in the region.

2. Weather Reports

In case QZ8501 AirAsia, the weather is known in bad condition. The pilot had asked the attendant air traffic control (ATC) to raise the altitude of the aircraft due to bad weather. It is clear that the weather is a factor that aircraft suspected of having problems. The end point when bad weather hit the moment it is known.

Meanwhile, when Malaysia Airlines MH370 fly from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, the weather in good condition. There were no reports of cloud conditions that could interfere with flight. The pilot was saying "All right, good night." But the plane is known playback and aircraft communication system is turned off from the cockpit.

3. Untracked

As mentioned previously, the presence of AirAsia plane QZ8501 easily known or traceable. As for the case MH370, communication system is switched off after the aircraft known to turn back.

4. Search area

Unlike the search area AirAsia QZ8501 are not so broad, Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft search conducted in the southern Indian Ocean, including the area of the west coast of Australia and an area that is so large, ie more than 100 579 square miles.

So far, the search MH370 has done around 10,000 square miles. Exploration of 23,000 square miles in the Indian Ocean will continue until May.

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