How to Overcome Stomach Acid Up On Pregnant Women


pregnancyStomach acid up (reflux) can cause burning chest (or commonly called heartburn) can make your day disrupted. The more torture again sometimes only consume a small meal or water can be disturbing. Symptoms of stomach acid can rise experienced by pregnant women in the third trimester. Even though there is no previous history or have had stomach ulcers or stomach acid rises. Growing uterus in pregnant women poses a greater pressure on the internal organs, including the stomach. Stomach acid up is one effect that may be felt by pregnant women. This effect will disappear by itself until the baby is born. However, pregnant women can follow these tips so that interference can be reduced stomach acid up, so that the mother can lead to a more comfortable pregnancy.

How to Cope with stomach acid can rise to pregnant women followed these tips:

Eat smaller portions

Mother's abdomen does not have that much space now, so you should avoid eating large quantities especially dinner. So eat small meals but often. In this way, besides maintaining nutritional intake remained unfulfilled also helps reduce the production of stomach acid.

Elevate your head

Use an extra pillow to elevate your head position during sleep. In this way we take advantage of the force of gravity so that stomach acid remains in place and does not flow into the esophagus.

Avoid acidic foods

Easier said than done, but if the mother can avoid consuming citrus, tomatoes and carbonated beverage products, would be nice. Some foods can only make it easier to burp, so maintaining a healthy diet will greatly help in the pregnancy until the baby is born.

Expand eat papaya

Although there is no scientific evidence to support that papaya enzyme can help prevent or treat stomach acid goes up, (because in fact the enzyme neutralizes stomach acid in the stomach, not the other way around), but in fact many moms got experience of using papaya as a remedy natural stomach acid upward. Regardless, papaya fruit is very good for overall health. So there is no harm in improving maternal consumption of papaya during pregnancy

Consult a doctor

If stomach acid up very disturbing sleep mother and the mother can not eat properly, although a variety of tips has been executed, you should immediately consult a gynecologist mother. Doctors may prescribe drugs that are safe and can help temporarily.

Hopefully these tips to overcome stomach acid rises above can help pregnant women undergoing pregnancy with quieter so that mother and baby health better maintained.

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