Not Apple Watch, It’s Obama Picks Smart Watches


President of the United States (US), Barack Obama is someone who loves technology. It was awkward to use popular social media such as Twitter and Facebook. And recently, Obama reportedly also started to like to wear smart watches aka smartwatch.

According to page Daily Mail reported on Friday (20/03/2015), Obama was first seen wearing smartwatch in public at a state meeting with the Prime Minister of Ireland, Enda Kelly.

Surely smart watches are worn by Obama is making a lot of curious people. Approximately smartwatch what used Obama? Is Apple's Watch?

Once traced, used smartwatch Obama apparently is Fitbit Surge. The smart watches reportedly is highly desired by Obama. 44th President of the United States has long claimed to want a wearable device that can optimize athletic activities.

firbi surge smart watches

In a chance interview with Re/code in the month of February 2015 yesterday, Obama said he was confused to choose whether to buy Fitbit Surge or Apple Watch.

"I have not had the opportunity to have a Fitbit, but I did enjoy exercising. Many say that Apple Watch also very nice to support my exercise. So we'll see, maybe I'll try both of them," Obama said at the time.

obama and his smart watches

Well, now proved ultimately Obama has chosen to use than Apple's Surge Fitbit Watch. Does this mean that Obama considers Fitbit Surge better than Apple's Watch?. Also see previous article on smart watches made by Gucci and a famous musician in the world, here. Thanks for reading this blog.

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