MU sell Di Maria for a Madrid soccer star?


Shocking news revealed by the Sunday Express in early March. Manchester United claimed to be ready to sell winger Angel Di Maria at the end of the season. Did this news?

Di Maria bought Manchester United last summer from Real Madrid. The Red Devils needs to raise 59.7 million pounds to redeem Di Maria from Madrid. Ex Benfica's also the most expensive player in the Premier League. Read also about the best player foot ball in this blog.

winger Angel Di Maria

MU great hopes on Di Maria to be able to restore the glory of the club. Di Maria had the honor of wearing the sacred jersey number 7.

At the beginning of his career at Old Trafford, this Argentine youth, appear promising. He often scored beautiful and give assists. However, slowly the game Di Maria began to decline.

In early 2015, the Argentine youth often disappointing. Manager Louis van Gaal also admitted Di Maria performed poorly lately because not been able to adapt to the style of English football.

The reduced performance of Di Maria made the MU management plans to sell only the hose straight season after being bought from Madrid. According to the Sunday Express, Di Maria will be sold MU to obtain additional funds to buy Gareth Bale from Madrid.

MU feel Di Maria should be sold as soon as possible before the sale price decreased dramatically when continued to perform poorly in the upcoming season.

Hemm ... it is really shocking news. The players must continue to improve the performance or at least stable performance. If not, the manager might have plans and strategies that are often surprising. We wait wrote the sequel, if Di Maria is really going to be sold by Manchester United?

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