Most Expensive Wedding gifts in the history of the world


Marriage is a sacred bond that must be maintained until death separates. Because marriage is a commitment that is spoken by two people to the Lord. In a marriage, surely there is a dowry is given by the groom to the bride. Of the many existing dowry, dowry turns following some very steal the attention because they are so expensive. Then? Who and what is the dowry? Consider the following full review.

Most Expensive Wedding gifts in the history of the world

The Star of the East ($120,000)

Evelyn Wlash McLean was the daughter of a wealthy immigrant from Ireland, Thomas Walsh. In 1908, socialite and heiress of a mining company with turnover of billions of dollars is married to Edward Beale McLean, heir of a big publishing company. They both get a prize money of USD 100,000 from their father. By Edward, the money is used to buy a wedding gift. Because knowing the plan Edward, then Evelyn's father advised him to buy the Star of the East. Star of the East is a diamond 95 carat pear-shaped hanging below hexagonal emerald chain equipped with 34-carat pearl as much as 32 grains. Evelyn was so fascinated by the beauty of the Star of the East. Edward was then bought by adding up to $20,000 because of the diamond price reached $120,000.

The Star of the East

The Star of the East ($450,000)

Perfume owned by prominent businessman, Clive Christian, able to break the record for the most expensive perfume in the world. Because the manufacturing costs reach $ 2,350 per ounce, including cinnamon and rose Italy. To obtain a drop of oil alone, they need 170 roses Italy. Not only the content, but Clive Christian Perfume packaging is also designed so luxurious. Only the bottle neck made of 24 carat gold and fitted with a 5 carat diamond inset. While the bottle seal is a seal that allowed by Queen Victoria since more than 135 years ago.

Especially for the royal wedding, the couple Prince William and Kate Middleton, Clive Christian issued a special edition called His and Hers, which has been equipped with a signature on a piece of silk cloth decorated with a row of coat, embroidered in gold hands and arms. A set of perfume can not be purchased anywhere.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Gulfstream Jet Aircraft Modification (USD $20 million)

Gulfstream Jet Aircraft Modification

On November 18, the famous actor Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes in a castle which was founded in the fifteenth century, Odescalchi, in Bracciano, Italy. They spend as much as $3.5 million to organize the wedding ceremony. Before Cruise married Holmes, he never gave a Fred Leighton diamond ring oval for US $275,000 as a sign of their engagement. And for a wedding gift, Cruise gives a Gulfstream jet aircraft valued at US $ 20 million which had been customized.

Wedding stadium price: US $22 million

Wedding stadium

In 1981, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, married Princess Salama. To celebrate the occasion, Sheikh's father, Ruler of Dubai, providing a place for the wedding, which is not the usual places. In this case, the site of a building with a 20,000 seat stadium, with an estimated cost of around 22 million dollars. Once completed, the couple enjoyed a week-long celebration in the stadium of their marriage. Although the wedding is more than two decades ago, but still recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive wedding ever, and the amount spent approximately US $100 million.

Two World Class City, price: Not Counted

Tangier and Bombay (Mumbai modern)

In 1659 Portugal was abandoned by the French allies. Fear for the security of his country, the Queen Luisa, opened negotiations with Britain that ended with an alliance that continues to this day. This alliance secured with king marriage recently restored, Charles II of England, with Catherine of Braganza.

As is tradition that time, the dowry given to her husband as "payment" to take over ownership of the wife. Typically, the royal dowry will consist of precious gems and metals, but the dowry of Charles II who received a little more extravagant, he was given the city of Tangier and Bombay (Mumbai modern). This gift price is incalculable, because now the city into a world-class city, which generates billions of dollars each year. If only there was one person who has the whole of one of these cities, he will be the richest man in the world.

Thus the most expensive wedding gifts in the world throughout history. It's interesting. It may be just as knowledge for us. But at least, you will know how the mindset of the super-rich people in the world. Often, satisfaction in life is not easily obtained. If the size is just money, then it would not be endless. So it is important to always give thanks in this life. Blessed with whatever is in us. 🙂 . If you interested with article about fat burning series, you can read here. I remember the last, before publishing this article, I wrote about the benefits of drinking black tea. Hope it is useful.

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