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Most Expensive Casio G-Shock that I am referring to is being sold on amazon. It is only available 1 piece there. As of this writing, the price of Casio watches is still above $ 2,500. Name this watch is Casio G Shock 6.00ct Full Case Big White Diamonds Watch Gold Face G/h Color Si. Casio men watches G-shock is coated with diamond, it looks like this which makes it costly. For the model, I do not really like. For hand man, a guy who should be wearing this very classy and supported by the other lifestyle. I myself would not wear it, except for the collection. I think too feminine.

I myself do not have enough confidence to wear it. But if I buy it, maybe I thought as a collection. As a collector's item, the price is not too high. But for the collection, this is nice. I think to use it as an investment instrument. I need to know how pure quality diamonds in the lining. I hope the price will be increased 2-fold in the next few periods, of course I had to find the right person to buy it later.

Casio G-shock diamond description

Number of Model: DW-6900. With diamond weight 6.00ct (you can see the picture below). Full white case size 52 mm. Stainless steel band. Standart men's in length. Water resistance about 200 m. And Full name description, Casio G-shock Diamond watch.

Image details Casio G-Shock diamond


In addition to the above watches, there are some G-shock watches others that cost is also not less expensive. It's not as expensive as the Casio G-shock diamond coated, but did not rule out over time and demand, prices also rose. You can see many top expensive watches G-shock here.

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