Materials Currently Used Clothes are Comfortable for Summer


comfortable for summerIn order to still look attractive and comfortable during the summer, you need to be selective in choosing clothes. Not only the models, but the fabric was a consideration that needs to be thought out carefully.

Here is a fabric that is comfortable to use during the summer, as reported by Boldsky.


Excellent fabric for summer is cotton. This fabric allows skin pores to breathe freely when the body heat. Cotton is also a strong fabric and absorbs sweat.

So, to take care of cotton fabrics, you can apply some of the following ways:

 - Do not dry cotton garments in direct sunlight, because the color of the material will easily fade.

 - Cotton tend to shrink. Therefore, you need to be selective in choosing before giving.

 - Do not wash cotton clothes using hot water, because loose clothes easily.


Linen is a fabric that easily absorbs sweat and can last a long time. Very fine linen material to the skin and help avoid problems during the summer.

To care for linen clothing, you can apply the following steps:

 - Clothes made of linen should not be washed in a rough, because it can weaken the fibers and can lead to tearing.

 - Color linen clothes tend to fade. Therefore, you do not need to soak and wash it off too long.

 - If you wash with a washing machine, then you need to wash it in a gentle fashion.

 - If the clothes are soiled linen, you need to soak them for one night and rubbed gently. Through this way, the stain will disappear.


Rayon is a fabric that has a shiny effect and is believed to be a good conductor of heat. Rayon is perfect to wear during the summer because it is easy to absorb sweat.

To care for clothing made from rayon, you need to take the following measures:

 - You need to wash clothes made from rayon using warm water.

 - When washing, you do not need to be rubbed this material.

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