Mangosteen: Exotic Fruit as Alternative Treatment for Cancer


It is a well-known fact that fruits contain vitamins and minerals that are very useful for human’s body. You can get many benefits for eating fruits since many parts of fruits are suffused with many important nutrients such as anti-radicals, anti-aging agents, antioxidants which are important for fighting disease and even cancer-fighting agents.

Mangosteen as The Queen of the Fruits

Mangosteen, that grows well in tropic area and commonly in South Asia, is an example of fruits that have nutrional values which are phosphorous, zinc, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin B. People like to eat mangosteen because of its unique flavors which are sweet, sour and sometimes bitter. Mangosteen which is commonly called as the queen of fruits not only has sweet white flesh, but also has many functions since it can be used for beauty and health treatment. All of the parts of mangosteen are useful, even the skin. Furthermore, it is revealed that the skin of mangosteen is more useful than the flesh and the seeds. The skin is very high in antioxidants and one of the important antioxidants is xanthonoids which is able to cure disease and repair damage cells and also build a protection for some cells in our body. Due to the ability of repairing damage cells, the skin is sometime used in traditional medicine to treat wounds, skin infections, urinary tract, dysentery and even cancer.

Mangosteen Skin for Treatment

You might wonder how the skin of mangosteen can be used to treat cancer. One of the ways to consume the skin is by making it into juice. You can try these two ways of making your own juice. The first way is you need to take out the red flesh of the skin then blend it until become soft mixture. Since the skin tastes bitter, you need to add natural sweetener which is pure honey because. After that you need to mix them again until become tender. The second way is you need to prepare the fresh mangosteen skin and boil the skin. After it becomes tender, do not rinse the skin from the boiled water because you need to put the water together with the skin in a blender. Besides reduce the bitter taste of the skin, adding honey into the juice can overcome some side effects that might appear after you drink the juice. You can always improvise the juice by adding other ingredients to make it taste better such as lemon juice, carrots and apples.

mangosteen for cancer

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