Make Your Valuable Batik Long Lasting With These Helpful Tips!


Owning Batik clothes can be a tricky stuff to treat. Depending on the fabric, most Batik products that are hand-drawn, or stamped, are prone to discoloration if one is not careful enough during the washing process. If you have found some of your Batik collections have faded, you might need to recheck the process before ruining the next ones. Here are steps to wash your Batik correctly.

1. Wash Separately

Do not wash your Batik with other ordinary clothes. The fractions between the fabrics will lead the Batik color to fade. Beside, the other clothes might transmit the risk of fading other color to your Batik clothes. So be careful about it.

2. Use Traditional Soap

There is a plant with Latin name Sapindus Rarak that is available in Indonesia. This plant has been long time used as traditional soap for washing clothes. It is well known to keep the colors of clothes indelible, and keep away the moths or other small insect from disturbing your clothes if you keep it in the closet for rather long time. If you found the plant which you will use the fruits of it, crush it with water until the foams are formed then apply to the clothes. It’s good to keep the original color of your Batik and is environmentally friendly. Double shots!

3. Soak with Warm Water

Special Batik collections usually are used occasionally. The clothes are most likely to be used for only short time. If you happened to come across an event that might only requires your present for less than an hour, you don’t need to wash your Batik with any soap. You only need it to soak it with warm water for approximately 30 minutes, and then you can just dry it under the shade.

4. Iron your Batik with Medium Heat

Some fabrics stand the high heat but most of the times not about the color. So be careful if you iron your Batik clothes. Place other thin clothes above your Batik clothes to cover it during ironing process. It will help preserve the color for once more.

5. Keeping in the Closet

After done with washing and ironing process, put your Batik inside of plastic bag. Or you just can hang it in the closet. Putting the Batik inside of plastic bag will helps it to be tidy still and avoid some other insects to ruin the fabric.

6. Put in some Crushed White Pepper

Cover the crushed white pepper with tissue and place it in a corner of closet. It will protect from any insect.

7. No Washing Machine

Never ever wash your Batik clothes (especially if it’s handmade and not printed) with washing machine. It will fasten the discoloration.

8. Never dry it under direct sunlight

Dry your Batik clothes under the shade or you can just use hand-steamer to dry it.

9. Never use camphor inside the closet.

The chemical sublimed from camphor will make the clothes smell bad and damage the clothes in the end.

Do try and feel the difference. Hope the tips help.
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