Luwak Coffee The Top and Most Expensive Coffee in the World


Top of the world's most expensive coffee, luwak coffee or luak coffee or civet coffee or bedgar coffee. Luwak coffee or coffee luak/badger is the most expensive coffee in the world. In my village, a lot can be gained this civet coffee. I come from a small village near the village jampit in Indonesia, known as civet coffee producing villages are very famous in the world. There are two types of kopi luwak, arabica coffee luak/badger  and robusta luwak coffee. Luwak Arabica coffee is more expensive than robusta luwak coffee. In one kilogram, civet coffee price could reach $300. In our opinion, this is a fantastic price. Regular coffee, kopi luwak addition, it cost less than $10.

Jampit is a region in Indonesia, which is precisely at the state or district Bondowoso. Bondowoso City is the only city with the best Arabica coffee producer in Indonesia. Arabica coffee jampit Bondowoso, have been exported to overseas, America, Australia, and other European countries. Bondowoso city located not far from the island of Bali, the island is very famous for its natural beauty. If you visit Bali, with a bit of a trek to the west about 6 hours, you will be presented with a beautiful view to be up in Bondowoso. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, and of course get the sensational taste of civet coffee. World's most expensive coffee, kopi luwak. Top most delicious coffee in the world. That famous Luwak coffee worldwide.
luwak coffee
I myself really like civet coffee (luwak coffee). It was indeed really very delicious and tasty. It smells fragrant and fragrant. Each wants to feel luwak/civet coffee, I stayed away to jampit and contacted some acquaintances there, they usually have a supply of luak coffee (civet coffee). Jampit villagers are very friendly. That's generally known Indonesian people. It is not difficult for me to get this luwak coffee, and enjoy it. I am very lucky, because staying near the center of the famous Luwak coffee producer. But there are my friends in America, also can feel luak/civet coffee with my assistance. It's really fun. Helping an old friend to be able to enjoy as well Luwak coffee. Normally, I contacted my friend, and leave some money to buy luwak coffee. I'm happy to help him. Then I send the civet coffee (luak coffee) was at my friend in America. Actually I can send anywhere, all over the world. Several kilograms maybe I can help. Of course not possible in large amounts, such as 1 ton. This is a rare item. Number. Have to wait and go through the process is not easy, to get a good quality civet coffee (luwak coffee).

Similarly, writing about civet (luak) coffee. Top most expensive coffee in the world, most delicious coffee in the world. Pleased to provide the information to you. Thank you.

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