List of Top 10 Richest Hollywood and Bollywood Actor in the world


Here is list of top 10 richest hollywood and bollywood actor in the world. This article as a continuation share from the previous article about benefit of twitter for stop smoking. Lets read. Many people who dream of one day he would become a star. And not many are able to realize. But some of them, had succeeded in realizing it, even has earned a very high value property. make a list of world-class actor who succeeded in amassing fortune. It is converted them into 10 richest actors in the world, such as the shunted by Top10For and Bornrich page.

Surprisingly, not only Hollywood actor who entered into this list, but Bollywood actor did not want to lose. Who are they? How much of their property assets? Find out more about this article.

10. Salman Khan

salman khan

For lovers of Bollywood films, would have been familiar with this handsome actor. Salman Khan. 48-year-old actor is listed as number 10 richest actors in the world thanks to his contribution in world cinema.

In 2014, according to the site Cownetworth, Salman has chalked fortune at US $200 million. This is certainly a fantastic amount given in 2012 to the new wealth of about US $25 million.

With mounting money, he often bought as a hobby automotive vehicle. He never bought the Audi R8 in 2010 at a price of US$ 205,000. Then've also bought the Audi Q7, Range Rover Vogue, and the BMW X6. He also liked the big bike with Suzuki Intruder M1800 purchase RZ produced limited, and the Suzuki Hayabusa.

salman khan with his big motor

9. Will Smith

Will Smith's triumph at the box office is not in doubt. By starred in various Hollywood films, practically making coffers 3 time Grammy winner jumped to US $ 215 million.

will smith
Wealth that makes Will Smith has a mega super luxury mansion area of 7600 square meters located in Malibu, California. Designed by the world's top architects, Stephen Samuelson, and was built by hundreds of professional wood workers.

mega super luxurious mansion owned by will smith

Naturally, if he spent substantial funds with a super full facilities. There are tennis courts, basketball, volleyball, swimming pool, riding arena, and a magnificent lake.

For the garage, do not doubt. Cadillac Escalade looks dashing fill his garage. Not immune super car antique red 1965 Ford Mustang. Also Mercedes Benz GL450.

He also has a home run that was built from a 16-meter-storey container. Facilities have not lost. There is a bedroom, bathroom made of granite, lounge and bar, kitchen, and living room watching a 100-inch screen with a super great. There is even a meeting room of 30 people in it.

container truck, belonging will smith as home runs

8. Leonardo DiCaprio

In Bornrich website noted, the handsome actor Leonardo DiCaprio successfully made its fortune of US $ 220 million. No wonder is why he became one of the richest actor in the world. Of course the success of the film Titanic became one of the causes.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Luxury homes belonging to Leonardo DiCaprio

With a total of tremendous wealth, he has a mansion worth US$ 23 million. The luxury home is located in Malibu, right on the shoreline Carbon, California, United States.

In addition, he also still has a super luxury homes such as in Hollywood, Malibu, and Riverhouse New York. Even with his wealth, he was able to buy the island called Blackadore along the 2.2-mile with a value of US$ 1.75 million in the country of Belize, Central America. The islands are a luxury hotel and the airport itself.

super luxury homes leonardo dicaprio

For vehicles, it does not arbitrarily to buy expensive cars like what he likes. But it seems he really care about the environment with the full hybrid Toyota Prius which is very environmentally friendly. Fisker Karma hybrid also trustworthiness into other environmentally friendly vehicle has.

7. Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone

Certainly have been familiar with this one face Rambo, Sylvester Stallone. Through a variety of films that starred, making himself very popular. Its popularity led him to riches.

With a net worth of US $ 275 million, making him the richest actor ranks seventh worldwide. Recorded from Bornrich, he has a very stately home in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, United States, covering an area of 4600 square meters which he bought in 1998 with a value of US $ 10 million.

Sylvester Stallone homes
For vehicles, the actor is very fond of athletic super fast car. Evidently he had a number of cars that do not need to doubt its speed as the Mustang GT, Camaro SS, the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, Black Ferrari 612, and Mercedes SL65 AMG.

Sylvester Stallone cars

6. Keanu Reeves

Not unexpectedly a Canadian actor can penetrate row of the richest actor in the world. He is Keanu Reeves. With his wealth of US $ 350 million, making him ranked sixth in the list of 10 richest actors in the world.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves home

Although the Canadian nationality, but has a home in Hollywood seems to be a must-have actors in the rich world. It has a large luxury home for US $ 5 million were bought in 2003.

The handsome actor seems very fond of the iron horse. The proof, antique motor Norton 850 in 1973 to mount a classic. Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide is also decorate the garage.

Keanu Reeves big motors

5. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks brought him a big name in no small fortune. The man known as a writer, actor, producer, and director is recorded by Bornrich worth US $ 390 million.

tom hanks

tom hanks home
It has a classic home in Pacific Palisades, California, worth US$ 26 million with a super full facilities. However, for the affairs of his personal vehicle, there appears to be similarities between Tom Hanks with Leonardo DiCaprio. Tom Hanks is known like an environmentally friendly vehicle. Proven in his garage there is the Toyota Prius which is famous for its hybrid technology. In addition, he also has the E-Box Electric Car is obvious from its name already if that electric cars.

4. Johnny Depp

johny depp

The actor who prominence skyrocketed thanks to the movie Pirates of the Caribbean is registered himself ranked 4th out of 10 richest actors in the world. Top10for note wealth reached US $ 450 million in various assets.

Deep known through Bornrich buy classic 150-year old house in the area of Somerset, England. Just to renovate it, it requires a lot of fund. Approximately US $ 5 million he spent on rejuvenating the house.

johny depp homes

He also has a home West Hollywood Mansion in Hollywood, California, with a value of about US $ 3 million. Not only that, he also has a magnificent villa in France at a price of US $ 2 million in 1998.

His wealth more complete when he bought Vajoliroja, luxury yacht antique wood. The ship that he rented up to a nominal US $ 130 thousand per week. He is also willing to spend US $ 3.6 million to buy the island Little Halls Pond Cay in the Bahamas.

johny depp  luxury yacht antique wood

3. Tom Cruise

Top Gun, Rain Main, Tropic Thunder, is a row of the movie starring the famous actor Tom Cruise. And some films that are headed with a rating of 3 out of 10 richest actors in the world.

tom cruise

Noted Tom Cruise has a wealth of US $ 480 million with its various assets. Beverly Hills again again be the location of the celebrity to buy a place to live in. Including a mansion for $ 35 million belonging to Tom Cruise.

tom cruise house

But if he wants a romantic, he simply come to villa located in Telluride, Colorado. Villa was bought with a value of US $ 30 million and build a bunker or the basement of US $ 10 million.

So rich, this actor to buy a private jet ready to take him wherever he wants. Gulfstream - IV SP chosen into his private jet. In fact, he also bought the historic fighter aircraft, AVIAT-Pitss S-2B.

Gulfstream - IV SP

2. Shahrukh Khan

Indeed remarkable actor this one. Although not from America, but he managed to bring his name ranked 2nd out of 10 richest actors in the world. This made him become the richest actor in India.

Shahrukh Khan

It has a luxury villa in the exclusive area, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It also has a super swanky luxury home he called Dream House Mannat. The house is located in Bandra, Mumbai.

Shahrukh Khan house

As if not to be outdone on the Hollywood star, she also has a row of luxury cars. Such as Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe her that he bought with the price is fantastic. Which is about US $ 443 thousand.

1. Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld is a successful comedian actor makes him top the wealth of all the actors in the world. With a total wealth of US $ 800 million, according Top10for.

Jerry Seinfeld

He has 3 very luxurious homes. Pertawa house located in Telluride, Colorado, United States. The house he bought at a price of US $ 18.3 million. In addition, he also has a magnificent house classic nan in East Hampton, New York, USA. The house was valued at US $ 32 million.

His wealth coupled with Gulfstream private jet ownership V. With Rolls Royce engines, the aircraft is capable of flying at an altitude of 51 thousand feet. The aircraft is equipped with 14 seats are super comfortable and luxurious interior.

He is one of the world celebrities who love to travel by private plane other than Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks. Jerry is also known as the largest collector of Porsches.

Reportedly, he has an approximately 47 Porsche with different types and colors. With such a large number, named Jerry as a collector of Porsches in the world.

Jerry Seinfeld cars

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