Leonardo Bonucci beat gunman


Leonardo Bonucci beat gunmen yesterday proved that he was not only brave when on the football field, but also have the courage when off the field. Juventus defender remains showed great courage when armed muggers beat the fire to protect the watches, the safety of his wife and son.

This incident took place when Bonucci out of the ferrari dealership in Turin. Bonucci who was walking leisurely with his wife and children were still babies, suddenly confronted by a gunman and his companion. The man intended to rob Bonucci especially wearing watches.

Apparently, the first targets were the target of the robber was wearing a watch. But Bonucci fight. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport reports, Bonucci remains calm as a gun, and no expression of fear. When the robber tried to grab his left hand to take the watches Benucci, Bonucci react quickly. His right hand straight right punch to the face of the robber dropped. Firearms had escaped from the hands mugger.

Once awakened, mugger ran toward her, instead of silence, even chasing muggers Bonucci and try again to beat. Step Bonucci finally stopped because her screams were asking him to stop. Bonucci said his wife was not immune to bullets, so you should avoid. "it seems more useful information before I punched it and start a fight with a man who had

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