Large Bodied Women Victims of Bullying Success Become Model


Known by the name of Tess Holliday, the woman who was born in Mississippi was admitted, the body size of making the most stand out among his classmates. As a result, she is often in-bully.

"They call me" rhinoceros "and pushed me into the lockers. Some even sent a letter to the house, its contents, they expect me to die." She is now 29 years old told me about his past as reported from InTouch Weekly (03/08/2015).

Now, she who has a height of 165 cm and a weight of 120 kg to most large-bodied models agency, Milk Model Management. He describes his life now "unbelievable". Since the age of 15 years, she had dreams of becoming a model. "My mother was driving the car and drove me from audition to audition. All refused because my body is too big."

The story of obese women who went on to become a model

The story of obese women who went on to become a model

Than she moved to Seattle and worked as a stylist. Through social media Model Mayhem, she was discovered by a casting director at A & E. He became the face of the reality series Heavy. She continued to pursue a career as a freelance models. She had the opportunity to work with renowned photographer David LaChappele and appear in Vogue Italia and Torrid until eventually became a model in milk.

She is also active in social media Tumblr, Twitter, and instagram. She held a campaign "Eff your beauty standards", inviting all women with a variety of body shapes and sizes posting their pictures.

"This campaign is my way against the rules of society about what clothes should not we wear." So she explained.

It seems that many agree with Tess, see how many compliments and positive comments addressed to the campaign. If you are active on Twitter and Tumblr, you probably already heard the name Tess Munster, the name used on the internet before she changed her last name by name her fiancé, Nick Holliday.

"While perhaps no one cares anymore on my next one or two years, I've done something that no one else dared to do." She said ending the conversation.

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