Is this the Prospective Substitute Di Maria at MU?


Manchester United was disappointed with the performance of Angel Di Maria in 2015. The Argentine is likely to only be played at Old Trafford during the season and will go on sale end of the season.

According to them, lately, Di Maria performed poorly. Argentine youth does not meet the high expectations MU that should solve most expensive in British transfer record when bought from Real Madrid last summer.

MU also intends to sell Di Maria in the summer, so that the selling price is not too fall. Paris Saint Germain reportedly ready to accommodate the former Benfica player.

MU would not mind selling Di Maria as manager Louis van Gaal already has the right candidate to replace him. Van Gaal will buy young players Netherlands, Memphis Depay from PSV Eindhoven. So reported the Daily Star.

Memphis Depay (MARCEL VAN HOORN)

Memphis Depay (MARCEL VAN HOORN)

Van Gaal is already very familiar with Depay. Youth 21 years were included in the Dutch squad at the 2014 World Cup are coached by Van Gaal.

Depay selling price also not too expensive. Depay contract with PSV will expire next season. PSV believed would sell Depay if received an offer of 20 million pounds.

Depay interest ciamik Van Gaal after playing this season. He has scored 16 goals in the Eredivisie this season. Greatness Depay help PSV Eredivisie standings.

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