Is it true that Messi was involved with the Mexican Drug Cartels?


News as warm as Di Maria to be sold by Manchester United, still surrounds the ball, now the hot news from Leonel Messi. Lionel Messi was again hit by bad news. Barcelona superstar was touted to have a relationship with the largest drug cartels in Mexico.

As reported by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, Messi received an injection of funds from Mexican drug organizations, Cartel de los Valencia to finance the Leo Messi Foundation.

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Based on the investigation results of the Drug Enforcement Administration, the drug cartels reportedly wearing Messi Foundation to launder the proceeds of crime.

Later, the proceeds will be used to hold a series of charity match in all of Latin America. Each player participating in a charity match was also spared from income tax when also appear in the game.

For Lionel Messi, this is not the first time Leo Messi Foundation received funding from drug cartels. In 2013 then, a charity match Messi and Friends versus The Rest of the World that took place in Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and two cities in the United States called to receive money from Colombian drug cartels.

Even in the aftermath of the case, Messi to have to deal with the authorities. However, the Argentine national team captain admitted had no idea if the donors who fund the charity game is drug cartels.

Whether or not that Messi was involved in the drug cartels are aware, perhaps only God knows. We'll see how the next development. Thank you for reading this blog

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