Interesting Features of iPhone 6 for Nature Lovers


Apple plans to embed the new features of the 'Barometer' on the phone the iPhone 6, which according to the news release in a matter of months. CoreMotion API installed on the iOS 8 gives a clue as to the ability to track the height (altitude tracking), and special hardware on the device.

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Launched by TrustedReviews, Thursday (06/19/2014) that features 'Barometer' embedded Apple, believed to be able to provide information about the 'altitude' is more accurate and faster. In addition, 'Barometer' can also measure air pressure and can be used to predict local weather.

Of course, this application will be very useful for hikers and climbers because it will get some accurate information that is useful to support its activities.

Not only that altitude-tracking application is, reportedly also will be able to track floor of the building where the user is located. There have been many smartphone enthusiasts who look forward to welcoming sophisticated telephone mending Steve Jobs made this, rumor has it that the handset will appear in September.

As is known, the launch of several new devices Apple is rumored to be done within 100 days. IBTimes UK sites have tried to find out some interesting things behind the rumors surrounding the iPhone 6, including the iPhone 6 will be equipped with wireless charging capability (wireless charging) and NFC (near field communication) and an increase in 4G networks.

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