Interesting Facts of Life During Neil Armstrong


Neil Armstrong, the legendary former U.S. astronaut died at age 82 due to complications after heart surgery. During his lifetime, Neil surrounded by many interesting facts around him.

The following are interesting facts about Neil Armstrong according to U.S. media reported by Reuters on Sunday (08/26/2012)

1. Neil Armstrong grew up in Ohio, USA. Since childhood enormous interest in the field of aviation. Neil managed to get a flight license at a relatively young age

2. Having participated in air combat missions during the Korean War, Neil NASA astronaut program in 1962

3. When you first set foot on the dusty surface of the moon, Neil said: "This is a small trail of a man, a huge leap for mankind,"

4. Neil Armstrong measured the pulse 150 beats/min when landing on the lunar surface. When asked about first impressions yes NASA said: "This place is worth visiting, I recommend it,"

5. A crater on the moon named "Armstrong" The crater is located about 48 Km from the plane landing on the moon Neil Armstrong

6. Upon completion of the Apollo 11 mission, Neil Armstrong received the assignment from NASA as Deputy Association Administrator for aeronautics at NASA's Office of Research and Technology. A year later, Neil became Professor of Engineering at the University of Cincinnati

7. In 2005, Neil was disappointed to barber hair because hair has collected the remaining pieces in the form of clippings and sold it for 3000 USD to collectors. The collector refused to restore the hair and claims to have combined it with other collectibles from Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein and others

8. Although it is a quiet man, Neil Armstrong has appeared in television commercials Chrysler, automakers from the United States. Neil is willing to do this with the consideration of the history of Chrysler and also because I wanted to help the company out of the financial crisis.

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