Innocence of muslims movie that stops the world today


One young artist appointed to star in the film, Anna Gurji, must now be hiding, living in fear. Anna gurji now locked themselves. Anna Gurji is the female lead in the film which is horrendous. Homemade movie Nakoula Basseley sparked protests in dozens of African countries, middle east and asia for insulting the Prophet Muhammad. In protest, a number of broken and burned the U.S. embassy, seven people were killed, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya, John Christopher Stevens, as well as hundreds of people injured in protests against the innocence of muslims movie, starring Anna Gurji this.

Actually, Anna Gurji as reported by the Daily mail, said he only played a character named Hillary, wife of the character George. He said, not at all know that George later changed its name to Muhammad. Now he's locked himself in the house. He was afraid of the Middle East people blame herself. Now he has to take medication in order to sleep.

He said, for days he had to cry watching her face clearly visible in the clip. He felt betrayed. He was embarrassed because people see and judge that the movie was bad and the ugly. Until the spread thriller you tube, he still believes that he played Hillary in "desert warrior". The film tells about a comet that fell to earth in the ancient middle east. There are several tribes in the Middle East who consider it sacred comet. They were fighting and fighting over it. According to Anna, who starred in the film did nothing offensive about religion. In the movie, anna gurji admitted only get paid $ 75 per day.

Until finally appearing as a cartoon depiction of the prophet. For the Muslims, the depiction of the Prophet is an insult. This has sparked protests and criticism from a number of world leaders, scholars, Muslims, and even some Christian groups.

However, U.S. authorities will not investigate the making of this film. Because in the United States, the problem of making the movie was not a crime. While Nakoula ever convicted of bank fraud and drug trafficking, was taken from his home by sheriff california to do interrogation. But the U.S. government does not intend to arrest him. They only find out if she violated parole conditions that bank fraud has been committed.

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