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Indonesian Batik superiority compared with batiks from another country is very prominent. So the Indonesian batik has been recognized internationally as a world intangible cultural heritage. Of course, virtually every batik from various countries has its own advantages. Each state has a character different batik. This is consistent with the cultural values ​​of each country. The uniqueness of batik encourage trade between countries is growing. Indonesian Batik sold in the United States, Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and other countries. Batik Malaysia also has traded abroad. Likewise, the batik china. Exchange of art and culture through scratches batik it is very interesting.

Indonesian Batik has several advantages and benefits. Among them, Indonesian batik has a philosophy of life and meaning in every motive. Motifs and batik painting depicting the human traits and characteristics. Picture of the pattern of life can also be written in the motif. They also wrote prayers in the motif. The philosophy of patience, perseverance, and courage are often condensed in batik painting. Indigenous cultures in every region in the islands of Indonesia, batik is also made ​​various meanings and significance. There is a solo batik, Madura batik, Blambangan batik, and other areas in Indonesia shows the character of their communities. They live with the art of batik dressing in their clothes. Batik showed their character. In terms of production, batik symbolize their tenacity in life. This is one of the hallmarks of Indonesian batik, filled with the philosophy of life in his motives.

The Next Indonesian Batik Excellence, a different style with batik patterns from other countries. As mentioned earlier, batik is a work of art, and is strongly associated with the culture of each country. Batik Indonesia is steeped in the philosophy of batik painting. Indonesian batik is usually better to use dark colors, although in its development, batik Indonesia continues to develop in accordance with the progress of society. Indonesian batik has now begun the advent of more modern with bright colors that symbolize the life of the Indonesian people are getting better and positive. But Indonesian batik retaining his feature differences with batiks from other countries.

Batik is an Indonesian cultural heritage (recognized as a world cultural heritage). This is the advantage the next Indonesian batik. Unesco has recognized batik as world heritage, parallel to the work culture of Indonesia 5 others, namely puppets, batik, keris, angklung, and dance saman. All five are recognized as world cultural heritage from Indonesia. The uniqueness of Indonesian batik has now been recognized internationally. This further suggests that the Indonesian batik deserves to be enjoyed by the world community in general.

One more advantage of Indonesian batik, different manufacturing techniques by using a canting. Canting is a small tool that is used for batik. This tool is used to move liquids or take fluids. Canting material made ​​of copper, and the handle is made of bamboo. Canting is used as a motif writer, well, like a pen for writing and painting batik motifs. True batik said, should have to make batik with canting this. This is a special characteristic of batik. Without canting batik is not perfect, without canting batik cloth is called just plain patterned fabric just like batik.

In Indonesia, a lot of manufacturers of batik. But we have some recommendations for your batik producers. This batik fabric manufacturer has succeeded in making batik that many people preferred the world to the concept of limited editionnya. One of the batik motifs. It's interesting is not it, if you are wearing a batik cloth, and it was just the only one in the world. This turn make you more special and honored. Contact us for information contact batik producers that we recommend.

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