Imagine dragons on top of the world mp3


Imagine dragons on top of the world mp3 - From indie to major. Imagine Dragons is a band from Las Vegas, Nevada which has origins enjoyable success. In 2008 they formed themselves. Their unique names are anagrams secret, only members of the band who knows whatever word or phrase it. But we all know, if 2013 was a breakout year for this herd, after their single, 'It's Time' touch to the Top Charts in the United States there.

Imagine dragons on top of the world mp3

Imagine dragons on top of the world mp3

For those who have followed the sitcom Partners, which unfortunately has been canceled, would soon be familiar with this song by Imagine Dragons. Released on March 18, 2013 ago, On Top of the World this is already a little outdated, but it never hurts to listen back to the pop-rock alternative Imagine Dragons uplifting version of this and then dance to the rhythm.

On Top of the World sounds like adopting the spirit of African music and prioritize stomping percussion to deliver its energy carefree, but actually puts the guitar and piano as the main instrument. This is what causes the On Top of The World sounds sweet and melodic, although moving in a fairly fast tempo.

Supported also by Dan Reynolds sings vocals with more relaxed than usual. While certainly not lose the spirit of rock that commonly brings. And sing with pop-pop, but at other times he was also steady with soft, depending on the verse and chorus notation does have a fairly active movement.

Strength On Top of the World not only in terms of music and vocals but also the lyrics. Imagine dragons on top of the world mp3 describe the ups and downs without being maudlin, but continue to promote enthusiasm and also positivism. And this is what makes the On Top of the World into a pop-rock song that is very easy to captivate and attention.

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