How to treat and eliminate skin fungus (phlegm) on the skin


This way is the way that I do. It's easy. I get rid of phlegm by using plants. Type of plant is a plant that is used galangal. This plant is widely grown around the house. Incidentally, I lived in Indonesia, where many of these plants grow easily. This plant is widely grown in the tropics. Most people do not cultivate them commercially. This plant grows wild around the house. They used to cook food. Well, as a spice in cooking only. In fact I think this is one of the remarkable medicinal plants, including the ability to treat tinea versicolor skin. The ginger plants as shown below:

galangalThe root of the ginger plant that is used is like this:

galangal rootThe use of ginger is relatively easy to eliminate phlegm. Simply grated ginger, or can be ground. Then rubbed on the skin covered with phlegm. At first use, maybe a bit hot. But at the next use, the heat will be reduced. Up to the end did not feel hot at all. Usually the heat is getting lost when phlegm is getting thinner and disappeared.

Actually so easy way that I use. And of course cheap. The most important thing in treating phlegm treatment is routinely and regularly. Once a day before bed at night, I think it's enough. If you do not want to grind Galangal many times, you can do so once the amount of comminution rather a lot, then save the collision, the collision ginger/galangal is mainly water in a closed container, so that the water does not evaporate galangal.

That's all I think is enough to expel phlegm from your skin. Probably many other ways. Many drugs are also ready to tackle the fungus on the skin. Tinea versicolor fungus is actually easily removed. But if it's too late to overcome, this is quite disturbing beauty of your skin. So there are treatment options to treat tinea versicolor of the skin, so that skin fungus problem is not more difficult to overcome.

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