How to Select the Right Acoustic Guitar


As a smart consumer, we must know how to choose a good-quality goods. So also when we want to buy a guitar, we have to choose a good quality guitar. As a beginner definitely have problems deciding which option to choose a good guitar, so it would not hurt if you follow these tips so as not to regret later.

Here's How to Select a Good Acoustic Guitar And True:


1. Determine the price range you'd like to buy a guitar.

It is most important to note. Because financially dependent on each individual's ability. If you have enough budget you can choose the famous brand guitar and you automatically get a good quality guitar. But if your budget is minimal guitar options are also limited. My suggestion was better saving.

2. Determine Material Guitar

Note the type of wood used for the guitar. Wood greatly affects the sound produced when you play it. Some guitars usually wear mahogany wood, spruce, rosewood, nato and others, the wood called guard tonewood. Each timber has its pros and cons. Here's a picture type of wood and the sound produced. If I suggest to choose a guitar with a rosewood and spruce wood, because the guitar that uses this material has good acoustic sound in loud volume, natural and clear.

3. Determine the guitar strings that will be used

There are two types of strings are used for acoustic guitar. namely nylon strings and steel strings. This choice of your taste, if you like to play classical music with nylon strings guitar pick. But if you like to play music with lots of melody, rock or blues music should choose a guitar with steel strings. But for who is learning guitar when choosing a guitar with steel strings when the first finger is definitely going to hurt (but too long too often), but the guitar by using this string guitar neck grip. Differences with nylon stringed guitar, the neck on this guitar is usually greater. So, it's up to you to select which one.

4. Determine the form of Guitar

There are several forms of body guitars, I think it depends on the stature of the wearer. Choose a body shape that fits comfortably for you.

5. Tests Sounds Guitar

Check the guitar sound in every no-key tone or not. you can test tone by picking every note that is in the fret and customize using existing tuner like the picture below. Note also the accuracy of the tone on the low-end middle fret. In making the guitar less good intonation above the 12th fret will sound off-key.

6. Checks Physical Guitar

Examine every physical detail of the guitar no blisters or not. Check the Neck also on guitar still straight or not. Good guitar neck has a threshold that is filled with iron rod so that the rod does not quickly curved. Please check carefully and do not get disappointed when you buy it.

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