How to save battery android phone


Means to save battery gedget android phones. The following are tips for saving battery android phone you can do. It must be frustrating if your favorite cell phone and gedget quickly run out of batteries.

The first thing you can do to save your android battery is to remove some unnecessary applications on your android. But not to delete the application that should be on android, is dangerous, because it raises your android phone should restart.

To see which part of the most absorbing battery, go into the settings and select about, and continue with battery use. you will see your android applications where the use of energy in the battery percentage. Check if existing applications are required or not. If not needed, it is recommended to uninstall the application to save battery android.




The second way is to save battery life by minimizing android android display configuration. We know that the display requires the most energy. To save energy, you can set a minimum, just your eyes can still see the screen properly. But not too dark, it actually makes your eyes hurt when using android.

The third way is to save battery life by minimizing the time on the screen time out. by default, is in a period of time, the screen will die alone. You can choose how long to display the android screen if you will die without any treatment. It really saves battery energy efficient your android. How, in the settings, then Display, and select the screen time out, finally select the length of time you want to display dead. The sooner the better.

Furthermore, to conserve battery life by turning off the next android bluetooth. This is the same as Wi-Fi, turn it off to save energy.

Apps that do disable automatic synchronization is also one way to save battery android. Also, turn off the GPS synchronization feature. To see which applications are running using the task manager. See if your application is running in the background (not shown) but you never use the application. If there is, and not useful, you can delete the application. If you want much easier to turn off a particular application, you can use a task killer is free.

Thus the means to save battery on your android phone. Hopefully useful and can help you.

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