How to reduce consumption of high calories drinks


In a previous article on fat burning category, we have discussed on how to reduce your intake of saturated fat and cholesterol? In this section, we will discuss about how to reduce high-calorie drinks. Happy reading.

Foods that contain all the elements of a balanced nutrition the body needs, both proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and water should be our daily consumption. With daily consumption like that, the body will get good nutrition.

On the other hand, the lifestyle of almost instantaneous force us to abandon the consumption of which became part of a healthy lifestyle. An example is a variety of fast food where more and more of us are increasingly widespread consume. High busyness be the most rational reason to choose fast food instead of cooking a meal in a proper way.

Similarly, consumption of high-calorie beverages are also increasingly worrying. Most teens and children, and even adults increasingly fond of consuming high-calorie sweet drinks that have a negative impact on health. Every day, a variety of soft drinks, caffeinated, sugary drinks others have been consumed by children, adolescents, even to the parents also love to consume it.

In some developing countries, the energy intake of high calorie drinks is about 450 calories per day in adults, whereas for teens 420 calories per day. Even in America, the energy intake of high calorie drinks reached 465 calories per day. Needs calories that the body needs for normal activity in adolescents and adults the average is 1,800 to 2,800 calories per day. When the sweet drinks were consumed adolescents and adults up to 420 to 450 calories per day, meaning that more than 20 percent of calories come from sugar-sweetened beverages. Not to mention the calories obtained from food consumed each day.

Whereas the supply of calories from foods and sugary drinks up to 10 percent of calories your body needs per day. The condition is clearly worrying. If left unchecked, in the future, we will have a generation that is not healthy. High calorie beverages increases the risk of obesity and the emergence of a variety of degenerative diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart.

Coffee blended filled with whipped cream or processed drinks like it just like a soft drink. However, such drinks have a very high calorie content.

The habit of consuming high-calorie beverages is not much different from the effects of fatty foods. This habit is often disrupt a diet program. Causes of body weight would not go down not only because of the consumption of fatty foods, but also high-calorie drinks. To avoid or at least reduce high-calorie drinks, the following is provided tips that you can do. How to reduce consumption of high calories drinks ? Please read and do not forget the need for be practiced.

Consumption in the morning

You can consume high-calorie drinks in the morning only. With a drink in the morning, you are dense activity can burn enough calories.

Consumption of fruit juice.

Consumption of fruit juice should be fresh fruit juices without sugar newly created. Thus, the calories derived from the fruit is safe because it is not too high. We do not recommend the consumption of fruit juice in containers. Although a little sugar or labeled 100 percent fruit, but contain preservatives that are harmful for health.

Consumption of soy milk

Soy milk is a wise choice than a milkshake drinks were very tempting. In addition to healthier, soy milk fewer calories and high protein content.

Add the natural flavors in water

If you are tired of drinking water, just add cucumber, orange slices, or mint leaves in a glass of water you for give extra flavor.

Do not consume high-calorie drinks

Type processed blended drinks have calories high enough. Drinks like it could easily derail a diet. Avoid high-calorie beverages for avoid excess fat in the body.

how to reduce consumption of high calories drinks

How to reduce consumption of high calories drinks

Good habits in everyday life will bring a positive impact on our body. If the body is healthy, then any activity will be easy to run. In contrast, if we store fat in our body, the activity of any kind becomes severe, the body is vulnerable to disease. Avoid high-calorie beverages is one of the efforts that our bodies do not hoard excess fat. Thus an article on how to reduce consumption of high calories drinks. Hope can usefull for us. Thank for reading. 🙂 .

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