How to focuss in internet marketing?


Internet marketing is easy, focus, or play on all fronts huh?
It was the experience of friends, until now we did not know SEO, also do not understand what is backlinks, do not understand what it was sub domains, etc.. It has been several times I test really do not know. turns out he paid seo business services, including website design 2 years ago also paid out $ 350 first services said.

he focus only shop online, posting his product, find cheap suppliers, and advertising (ads related to that I know that he do not understand what it is that backlinks, including I've asked about subdomains, uh he just asked directly via blackberry messenger to people he took his SEO services).

Up to now also do not understand social media marketing, twitter he does not understand at all, as long as you make a facebook status also (rarely her online at FB), usually only online YM and Blackberry only.

But I do not believe it initially, if order products that profits of at least $ 3 to $ 100 it his day at least 8 dropship delivery package. imagine wrote, if I made $ 5 profit per item multiplied wrote 8 package shipping = $ 40.

One day she was complaining because he was in a day profit is only $ 50 he said. so it is actually possible per day above it clean.

Initially you do not believe, I think it's a strategy in business called beautifull bulshit (shown success and then make a list of customers).

After finally came to believe he dared to take a car loan installment honda jazz almost $ 300. And after I approached turned me become more confident again, because now we are coffee together.

So back to the question of focus or something? it turns out that there is also a focus as you know it works. # just wondering and sharing, may be the motivation we all just like me who have also been motivated by my friend.

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