How to eat meat and still be healthy


How to eat meat and still be health is a question that is very suitable thrown from someone who wants to stay healthy, but it has a great fondness for meat food. Most people who have excess fat levels will typically be afraid to consume meat. The reason, a lot of eating meat is considered could create health problems. The more eat meat, the more fat will be deposited in the body. That assumption most people.

Basically, meat is a good source of protein. Protein in meat is very beneficial for health. However, health problems will arise if the wrong way to eat meat. There is a way that can make you not afraid to eat meat. Here is how to process the meat properly so that we can answer the question, how to eat meat and still be healthy. Interesting, is not it. You do not need to be afraid anymore to eat meat.

Choose a good meat

Choose piece of beef or poultry are low in fat. Part of low fat beef usually at the back of the thigh close buttocks area. In addition to these parts, there are other parts that are low in fat, which is the top of the front thigh, sirloin or tenderloin outside, and tenderloin. When you buy meat that has been packaged, labeled choose "choice" or "select".



Use proper seasoning

Usually, We are in the meat processing using herbs to soften the meat and enhance the flavor. Choose low-fat condiments such as a mixture of herbs or spices, soy sauce and lemon juice.

Cook meat properly or Proper meat processing

Proper meat processing will make the meat is low in fat. Treatment with roasted, baked, and sauteed can melt the fat in the meat. When cooking meat in the oven, make sure you put the meat on top of the pan so that the fat can drip out. See also related article earlier that about how to Cultivate food to be a low-fat diet.

Cook meat with soup

Make dishes that can mix the meat with a sauce like soup. A day or two days later, this dish can be put in the freezer. Thus, when the food has been frozen, the fat will harden and gathered at the top of the meat, so that you can remove it easily.

Adjust the size of the presentation

Reduce the portion of meat you consume will help to reduce your intake of fat and cholesterol. Meat to be served that was no more than 3 ounces (85 grams). Three ounces is also the same as half a chicken breast, boneless, or a skinless chicken thigh, or two thin slices of lean roast beef.

Each person may have to reduce the consumption of red meat and poultry. If consumed, seek non-fat or fat is reduced. As a substitute for meat, we can more frequently consume fish and seafood.

Similarly, some of the things you need to consider, so you can find answers to questions in this discussion, how to eat meat and still be healthy. So actually not bad to eat meat as long as it knows the correct way and the portions. The right size to avoid meat to fat is bad (read previous articles on a variety of foods with good fats). Hope this articles can useful for us. Thank for reading this blog.

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