How to cultivate food to be a low-fat diet


Healthy food sometimes becomes bad quality because of the food processing. Processing the fat content of the food to be lower, at the present time not only certain people skills. You can also prepare food at home into foods that are low in fat and healthy. Here will be described how to order food we eat does not contain high levels of fat. This article is a continuation of a previous article that talks about what foods should be avoided at dinner.

Use cookware good

Buy the best cooking equipment. Do not hesitate despite the best equipment prices will certainly be more expensive. In addition to ensuring your diet healthy by avoiding harmful substances that could be caused by faulty equipment, you actually can save money because the goods in good quality would be more durable.

Use the "Non-Stick Cookware"

Nonstick cookware will make you use less oil. If possible, use a little chicken broth instead of butter or oil when sautéing.

non stick cookware

Measure the use of cooking oil

Excessive use of cooking oil in addition to not saving could also be a problem for health. Start measuring the oil to be used. Measure with a tablespoon for sauteing or use a brush for greasing pans if you want to fry an egg. It will be much easier for you to monitor the amount used.

Make low-fat broth

Low-fat broth can be made by boiling meat to be cooked. Once boiled, cooled meat. Bacon fat will rise to the top, and then strain the meat fat.

Expand spices

One of the keys for a delicious low-fat cooking is spice. Reduce dependence on butter and salt. Always check the inventory of spices in your kitchen is always there.

Cook the fruit and vegetables as a whole

When processing potatoes, preferably with the skin. It will be able to retain nutrients. If possible, do not remove the skin on fruits and vegetables. Cook overall. If cultivate vegetables that are high in vitamin C, cook in a minimum amount of water and of course in the shortest time possible.

Food processing or cooking food not to damage the quality of the food itself. Understand carefully what to do when cooking is a positive attitude towards our health. It becomes a mirror healthy lifestyle that future generations have a better quality of health.

Here's an article on how to process food to low-fat. Hopefully this article can be beneficial to us all. In the next article, we will discuss how to cook good meat, so that low-fat and fat do not be evil. Thank you for reading this blog. 🙂 .

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