How to control the fat in the body to prevent excessive


Everyone must have longed to have a healthy body and fresh. However, a healthy body and fresh not be there just like that. Fat that settles in the body and not into energy could be a source of disease. There are some simple habits that can be done to keep the body healthy.The following is the article about how to control the fat in the body to prevent excessive. Hopefully this can be useful for you all.

Smart food consumption

Food can be a cause of health declined due to the high fat content. Avoid offal, fat, brain, food sauce thick coconut milk, chicken skin, and egg yolks. These foods are a source of fat that can cause obesity and cardiovascular disorders. Divert options on lean meat, food sauce clear, low-fat milk, soy milk, yogurt, egg whites and fish as the best source of protein.

Process food properly

Food processing techniques is important to note because the food processing will affect the quality of the food. Choose foods that have gone through the treatment process cook steamed, boiled, or fried in a little oil. Do not be too many process food frying, grilling, and burn. Additionally it contains a lot of fat, how to process as it is also destroying the nutritional value of food because of the high heat.

Enjoying Breakfast

Breakfast is also very useful to keep in shape while keeping body weight. To lose weight 2 kg, you should start by reducing 200-300 calories per day. To make it easier, start by leaving the last four bites of food on your plate. Low-calorie food intake is also important. In addition, the change also your sweet dessert with fruit and yogurt mixture. This mixture will give the sensation of sweet, cold, and satisfying like cake or ice cream, only more healthful.

Avoid colored foods

Do not accustomed to eating and drinking colored. Choose foods or beverages that natural translucent color. With the exception of foods that have natural color of the food material itself, like chocolate, red strawberries and others. Dye in foods is one of the main triggers the onset of cancer in the body.

Avoid foods rich in fat

Avoid foods rich in fat content. Usually found in food are included with oil, butter, margarine, and milk. However, that does not mean the human body does not need fat. Natural fat intake for the human body is already fulfilled by eating nuts or seeds. For foods that contain good fats that you can see in the previous article, click here.

Consumption of food without preservatives

Avoid foods that contain preservatives. Even if forced to buy food in the packaging, then choose which lists clearly marked "no preservatives" on the packaging. Although consuming preservatives in doses below normal for consumption, the use of long-term time span, a preservative is the principal cause of cancer.

Reduce flavor

Avoid adding spices and seasonings to excess. Elements of monosodium glutamate compounds present in flavorings deceive your tongue, but not for the health of your body.

Consumption of fruit and vegetables

Expand to consume fruits and vegetables. In addition to a healthy body, healthy body becomes more awake. The body was free from the risk of cancer. The majority of fruits and vegetables contain fiber that is able to bind carcinogen which is a cause of gastrointestinal cancer.

Avoid calorie beverages

Some drinks such as soft drinks, coffee, juice, and soda are high-calorie drinks. Without realizing it, you've been eating a lot of calories and drinks alone. But the brain does not get the signal that you are getting enough calories, so you still feel hungry. Miss the soft drink and replace it with fruit. So you can eat watermelon hydrated and feeling full.

Water consumption

Expand to drink water. Eighty percent of our body fluids. If the lack of fluid, then the performance of several vital organs disrupted. Do not consume alcoholic beverages, carbonated beverages, as well as beverages with a high content of sugar and caffeine.

Diligent Sports

Everyone knows that exercise is a good habit to maintain health. The fact there is always a reason for not exercising. Actually not need strenuous exercise, just a few simple movements such as push-ups or sit-ups, with 15 to 20 reps to build muscle.

Build muscle are things you can do to burn your metabolism. Combustion metabolism will be useful to improve the energy. The smaller the mass of muscles, the more calories your body will burn, even while you're sleeping.

Many moves

Too much food will cause fat to accumulate in the body, and make you lazy to work. This excess fat to be burned to produce energy. Try to start moving even though many were in the office. Such as walking, climbing stairs, or walking in high heels.


Just do weights at home. In fact, you can do it while doing homework or while accompanying children to play. Play with children while positioning the child as your load. Lie on the floor and lift your baby high up. This exercise will help burn fat and strengthen the hand muscles.


Sleep schedule

Busyness can make you difficult to sleep or sleeping too late. Though difficult to sleep can make your body less fresh and supple. The experts are advised to sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day. But the most important is to have a special schedule for sleep and wake up in the same hour every day, including weekends.

Strive to improve lifestyle will bring positive impact to the body and our health in general. With a healthy lifestyle, you will feel a tremendous benefit to the old days later.

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