How to Clean LG LCD TV Screen Properly


LCD TVs have very different characteristics to normal screen. LCD is an optical device that is modulated electronically. LCD is an optical device that is modulated electronically. LCD has the form of a thin flat panel made up of a number of pixels color or monochrome containing liquid crystals are arranged in front of the reflector. And in addition to having a slim size, the LCD TV screen is also coated of glass so that it requires careful to treatment.

With the increasing use of LCD screens, ranging from computer screen to the television screen, we need to know how well an LCD screen treatment. Noteworthy is the LCD screen is made of thin material and easily scratched, unlike the television screen and the tube is made of thick glass. For that, the LCD screen should not accept the slightest pressure. When you see the LCD screen dirty or dusty, you should be careful in cleaning it. If wrong, you just can scratch or even break it.

Although the risk does not mean you then let the LCD screen gets dirty and dusty granted. Here are some things you need to know before you clean the LCD screen on your pet. Before cleaning your LCD screen, turn off your television and the outlet end so that there is no power. Wait a while and then watch the LCD screen is dirty and needs cleaning. Do not press the LCD screen you for the slightest pressure can cause minor damage to the components on your LCD screen.

You should use materials that are made specifically to clean the screen LG LCD TV. Cleaning agents are the most recommended LCD Cleaner Kit you can buy at electronics stores for around $ 2 to $ 15. With LCD Cleaner Kit, you can clean the LCD screen without fear of destroying it. If not available LCD Cleaner Kit, you can use a fabric made of microfibres or cotton. You can also use a cloth and cleaning glasses. If there is no cleaning fluid, you can create your own by mixing 70 per cent alcohol and mineral water (ratio 1:2).

To keep your LG LCD TV screen durable and long lasting, you should avoid these ingredients. You may not use plain water (eg tap water) because of the remnants of Chloride will leave a residue on the LCD screen. Do not use paper towels, washcloths, or coarse material because it can scratch the pan LCD screen, even a coarse cloth may cause dead-pixels on your LCD screen. You are also prohibited from spraying cleaner directly on your LCD screen. First spray the cleaner into the new microfibres material then wipe the screen with a circular motion. By way of a good and true, you can clean the LCD screen without fear of the risk of destroying it.

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