How to clean a Glass top stove


As I promised in my article on 'how to choose a glass top stove' before, that the next article of this blog Top and Sharing is about 'how to clean a glass top stove'. By knowing the right treatment, perhaps we can extend the life of our beloved glas top stove.

Cleaning of glass equipment is simple, but it requires patience. We must be careful in doing so. Using the tools of soft, soft cloth, this is for safety glass top stove. If using water, use a balanced mix of warm water and vinegar cook. Having rubbed on the surface of the glass, dry with a soft cloth.

If you clean the glass top stove with soap, choose a good soap. Or can use special soap glass. In general glass cleaner consists of a solution of ammonia and water, sometimes mixed with blue dye. But then again, you have to choose good material. Soaps containing ammonia, can make eye irritation if the eye. There are also soaps that contain wax, you have to be careful because it can be attached to the surface of the glass top stove. If this happens, we can use rubbing alcohol in order to avoid glass surfaces hazardous materials.

To clean glass stove top using a good soap mixture, the following is a good soap composition:

  • 2 ml of liquid soap
  • 500 cc of hot water
  • 45 ml solution of vinegar

Mix the three ingredients in a container and stir. Use this mixture to clean the surface of the glass top stove with a cloth of 100% cotton.

How to clean glass top stove that are dull or opaque?

Glass top stove that has been soaked in vinegar solution opaque. This is to make the surface translucent glass top stove again. Immersion for 1 night. After that, wash as usual with a solution of soap, then dry with a 100% cotton fabric. Easy is not it?!

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