How to choose a shoe that is becoming a trend?


For users of boots or shoes, especially collectors activist trend, choose shoes that are trends is a must. If not get to choose shoes that are trends, you will miss the trend of shoes. For people who are not sensitive to the trend, it may not matter. But for those of you who are sensitive to the trend, it will be a problem. People who understand the trends of fashion shoes, wearing shoes that do not follow the trend of confidence is lower. Another effect is that you will be embarrassed, especially if it is located in a particular community sort socialita highly sensitive to trends shoes.

Here is how to choose shoes that are comfortable and fit the shoe trends. This is so that your appearance is not disturbed in addition to remain comfortable wearing your shoes. Do not choose the wrong shoes that actually make you not comfortable using a particular shoe. And here are some things you should consider in choosing a good shoe for you:

1. Keeping track of trends.

Do not miss fashion. read magazines and fashion news before buying shoes. Find information on the shoe model that is being widely liked. But remember do not let you become fashion victims, the wrong trend.

2. Calculate the weight

To use the shoes, you should consider your weight. for weight loss, avoid using high-heeled shoes. Shoes with high heels will make you weigh too rests on the stomach and it did not even make it convenient to use footwear.

3. Adjusting the model with body posture and leg

There are many models of shoes to choose from. There are forms of shoes with the tip slightly open, taper, spherical or other. Customize the shape of the foot so your feet look beautiful and make you confident wearing.

4. Adjust as needed.

You will use the shoes for what purposes. If you use the shoes for a party is not necessarily the same as the shoes that you will use to exercise, not!. And also when you will be in a slippery, avoid using high-heeled shoes, because it will easily slip.

5. Choosing the appropriate color

Hit the color is being much in demand by women. Use colors that match the dress or bag, for example, tend to be left out because it looks monotonous. Variety of color options can be combined with a variety of models and colors of clothing. But still have to pay attention to the rules of the color so as not to ruin the appearance.

6. Choosing the right shoes that fit

When choosing the right shoes, you should consider the height. If not used, but want to use a high-heeled shoe soles should select the front is rather thick so that it can help sustain your feet better. Or one way also can choose the type of rights that are not too thin or stilettos, just choose the right a bit thick.

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