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Here is how to choose a good LCD. Hopefully by reading this article, we have a guide on how to choose LCD that matches our needs. Liquid-crystal display (LCD Monitor), which formerly was first used to monitor the notebook, is now widely used in PC Desktop. Some of the computer all in one is using the LCD, almost all manufacturers are using the LCD. Only a matter of time until LCD monitors will replace CRT monitors in the world as a whole. There are three of the biggest advantages of this type of monitor requires less space, or do not need a large place, especially for sizes 17 "and others LCD greater, although  the LCD using only refresh rate at 60 frames per second (60Hz), LCD monitor is practically very low power consumption. However, the main problem with LCD is that they have a native resolution monitor and theoretically it can only work on this resolution. If the LCD is only 1024 × 768 labeled, it means the original resolution. If you can not adjust the LCD monitor with native resolution, then there is the possibility of the following:

1. Monitor it will try to stretch the image, giving rise to a black area around the image of the invisible, and fill the entire LCD display, as well as shown by the inset. However, view pictures full screen with no inserts will make you feel the pictures that have better quality in the actual resolution. In general, if the picture is not in its original resolution, you will feel that the picture is a little less focused.

2. Images will boxes, without definition. So, the picture is less sharp.

3. LCD monitors that will focus the image on the new resolution, some of the images will be lost, and there will be a black line between the screen and the image border. For example, if the original configuration is 1024 × 768 and you reduce it to 800 × 600, this means there are 224 pixels horizontally and 168 stayed to live with right angles. The picture would be concentrated and there will 112 pixels blanked (black line) above and below the image and 84 pixels are blanked (black line) on the sides of the picture.

Thirdly it will depend on the model of the monitor; the brand. That is why you should be careful when buying a LCD monitor or notebook. Choose which one you like, especially the resolution. Select the appropriate resolution by comparison with the size of the screen. Would be wrong and there is no point in buying a LCD Monitor 14 "with a large enough resolution eg 1280 × 1024. With a resolution of this, just be perfectly clear picture at this resolution, but you will not be able to see all the images on the screen, because the size will be reduced by the icons, menus, etc..

The next problem is the performance of the LCD monitor LCD. LCD performance is measured in thousandths of a second, called the response time. Response time measures the speed of the monitor to draw the screen. If response time is too large (ie LCD monitor is slow), then you will see blurred images when used, especially when you run 3D games on your computer. With the LCD Monitor responses from about 25 Ms, you will not have many problems, but need to find 16 Ms gamemaniacs or lower. Currently, the average LCD monitor that can display the existing response time to 2ms to 5ms.

Viewing angle is one aspect that is sometimes forgotten. LCD monitor is the old type generally provide a narrower viewing angle. But lately, viewing angle LCD can match the proportion of CRT with a tilt angle to 89 degrees. The higher the viewing angle (we know that the maximum value of 90 degrees), it is increasingly clear LCD to be viewed from the side.

Finally, the third feature of the LCD monitor you need to know the so-called contrast ratio. Contrast ratio serves to measure the difference between maximum light and maximum black and white monitor that can be generated. A higher ratio would mathematically produce a better picture, because you will be able to distinguish between similar colors. For example, an LCD monitor with a 450:1 rate is better when compared to a monitor with a rate of 400:1. Even today, there is an LCD monitor that can provide a comparison of the contrast ratio up to 20,000:1 or more.

Do not forget also the LCD connector that allows the images sent from the video card via the digital connector. A common connector for the LCD is the Digital Visual Interface (DVI). If your video card and LCD supports DVI, then the use of these connectors can provide quality images and display that looks better. In addition, it uses some of the settings on the LCD OSD particular, will also be done automatically when you use DVI. This will make other arrangements. Without the hassle, we can simply enjoy the perfect quality and excellence. For those of you who are less fortunate, because it does not use DVI, then the analog D-Sub connector is usually used in the CRT can still be used as connectors.

What about widescreen or Square?, Well this is actually the core of the problems LCD selection is good and right. The answer actually depends entirely on your NEEDS. If you need only be used to monitor the daily chores, and just watch movies with a widescreen format, then the right choice that I recommend is to use a monitor with WideScreen format, and you should choose LCD screen with a ratio of 16:10 or 16:9 . However, if you are a professional gamers who want the precision and good image, then I recommend you to use the LCD monitor screen with a ratio of 4:3 Square. You have to remember, a mistake in analyzing the needs of your LCD will greatly affect the comfort of your own using the LCD.

One more thing, if you are forced to use the LCD with a widescreen format, then I suggest, choose an LCD TV monitor that can display a high definition format. This for your kindness. As a comparison, a square monitor 17 "can display a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. then Look for LCD widescreen has a resolution of 1980 x 1080 pixels. Why do?, Because if you feel bored, you still can switch to a resolution of 1280 x 1024. although it should be be paid by the decrease in sharpness and black on the right side and left. But of course the selection of LCD with Full HD format will make us pay the price more expensive than square or LCD Widescreen monitor standard.

Finally, thanks for read my sharing. Hope it can usefull for us. In this blog, I promise to give usefull information. Because, it is make happy to me.

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