How to care for watches properly


Here is how to care for your beloved watches to make it last and long lasting. It is important to keep a watch perceived benefits. The watch has a lot of benefits and it is important for us. By having a watch, we become much easier to be disciplined and punctual. Even some brands of watches have special features that are very helpful. Some brands of watches feature altimeter, thermometer, barometer, compass, and others. Even though there are differences on how to care for men's watches and women's watches, but that will be given here are in general about how to care for watches properly.

First, clean the glass watches. To clean the glass at hand, try using a soft cloth, do not use a rough cloth so as not to scratch the surface of the glass wall. Some watches have glass that is very sensitive to scratches. Indeed, there are watches that are designed to withstand scratches, but distanced from scratch remains to be done. Part of the scratch-resistant watches, in a long time, if constantly scratched, can become thin and eventually disappear.

Second, Maintaining cleanliness in the bracelet watches. For rubber, wash hands with soap watchband. Then brush using a small brush. This serves to clean the remnants of sweat that is still attached to bracelet watches, to avoid mildew and damage the color bracelet watch. Remember, do it with caution. With the same things we can do on the bracelet watches made of other materials.

Third, keep a watch is made of stainless steel. For watches with pure stainless steel material, usually original watches, watches washing can be done with alcohol and scrubbed with a small brush. Stainless steel watches with pure corrosion will not occur, in contrast to certain watches that sometimes pure stainless steel so it can not peel. It keeps corrosion at the flaking.

Fourth, maintain a watch made of canvas. It's easy, just washed with soap and water. Brush with a small brush. To dry them, you can use newspaper for faster drying. The water will be absorbed by the paper and does not cause odor.

Fifth, take care of waterproof watches. Although water resistant, does not mean damaged if exposed to water. There is a certain depth to measure resistance watches. But you should do a test, whether your watch is still in its normal state resistance of the water. If not normal, it may be important to bring to the technician watches. Thus, although the waterproof watches, it is important to not always put the watch into the water. This is in order to stay awake and watch more durable long lasting.

Sixth, the separation of substances that can cause corrosion on the watch. Materials such as, water, oil, sweat, rain, mud, sea water, etc., you should pay attention. Although for original watches, usually are more resistant to such materials.

Seventh, watches Replacing the battery when it is empty. Try to replace empty batteries or dispose of empty batteries. Empty batteries can corrode the inside of the battery.

Eighth, for automatic watches. Automatic watches like seiko automatic, automatic christie alexadre, and others, try to do the servicing at regular intervals, such as once a year. This is so durable watches over and remains accurate.

Those are some things you can do to take care of watches. In addition, maybe it is important to let your watch remains in a dry state, perform maintenance to a service on a regular basis, keep a watch on the box good storage. And this is very important you pay attention, keep a watch so as not to fall. It can be fatal to your watch. It should also ensure that not too tight tie to watch your hands. It keeps your watches quickly broken. And finally you can do is keep watch from the magnet. Here are some things you can do to care for your beloved watches properly, to make it more durable and long lasting. Thank you for reading this blog. Hopefully useful.

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