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This article to you about watches, the familiar watches, Rolex. Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches are made from the finest raw materials and with detailed precision. They are the benchmark for technology and expertise in watches and is recognized worldwide as the highest mark of excellence in the design and status.

The origin of Rolex Watch

At the turn of the 20th century, pocket watches are basically watches, and some watches that the man was not wearing unreliable or right. A young German watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf worked with a name for a Swiss watchmaker in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. His vision was to create a watch that is not only powerful but elegant to look at.

In 2005, he moved to London, England and in partnership with his brother-in-law to open a company called Wilsdorf and Davis. They started making watches using small, precise movements purchased from Wilsdorf previous employer. He then partnered with Herman Aegler, watch manufacturers in Bienne, to import its watches.
Within a year, he watches precision marketing. As the word spread quickly throughout Switzerland, watches her become a great demand items. In 1920 Wilsdorf back to Bienne, Switzerland and opened another company, Montres Rolex, SA. The name "Rolex" was created by Wilsdorf and it stands for "horological excellence."


Beginning of Oyster Rolex

In 1926, Rolex created a watch with a sealed case and watch it become the world's first waterproof and dustproof. This discovery milestone called Oyster Watch.

In 1927, Oyster was tested by a young swimmer named Mercedes Gleitze taking hour in 10-hour swim across the English Channel. At the end of the swim, watch proved to be completely dry and still in precision time keeping.
Oyster has proven purpose and this is the victory that set the pace early stage to watch status. It was immediately accepted as the only watch worn by men and women around the world who recognized athletic achievement.

Rolex Adding another feature

In 1931, Rolex invented and patented another outstanding feature in Oyster watch, and this is the first automatic mechanism that uses perpetual rotor. This landmark discovery is the first of its kind and other watch companies adopt their own features in the product. Features self-winding mechanism is the basis for any automatic watch available today.

Indicates Rolex Professional Status

In 1950, Rolex watches are designing with precision measuring time is extremely durable and water resistant. They are designed to accommodate new people in professional sports activities such as mountain climbing and sea diving, and they quickly became a recognized part of the closet sports fan.

In 1953, a group of mountaineers led by Sir John Hunt, Sir Edmund Hilary and Tensing Norgay climbed to the summit of Mount Everest. They were the first climbers to reach the summit and it was a big win for them. But it is also another major victory for Rolex because once again, the Rolex Oyster proven to endure heavy physical movement and air pressure and hold time perfect precision.

Rolex Today

Rolex has expanded beyond high market watches durability and performance have improved the style and design so that today they are the leading name in luxury watches. Watches they have luxury features including exceptional diamonds on the face and body of the watch and the band are made of quality gold.

Rolex headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland. It has 28 affiliates around the world with 4,000 watchmakers in over 100 countries who put together these luxury watches. Rolex has maintained their symbol of performance and prestige for over 100 years and still watch the most valued and respected in the global market.

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