Hip and Stylish Stuhrling Original Versions for Watch Enthusiasts


Swiss watchmakersSwiss watchmakers have been producing the planet's finest timepieces for over four centuries now. Even after all these years, watches are an essential part of the Swiss market. In reality, only substances and electronics rank higher on the list of exports. How is this possible?

If people think of Switzerland, they think of cheese, chocolate and knives. But watches are in a different league altogether. A timepiece is far more inclined to sell if it has on the back “made in Switzerland” stamped, as any watch seller will say. The state continues to be world-renowned for watch making for centuries. But, believe it or not believe it, the Swiss were not always the world leaders.

The French along with the British ruled the proverbial roost until Swiss watchmakers developed a new timekeeping technology in the 1960s. These watches were powered by quartz technology, I.e., digital technology. Most watchmakers were conflicted about this new technology, though it was clear they had a winner on their hands. After all, they had been working with mechanical watches, one that had cogs and wheels, for generations. Perhaps that is because they failed to know the way that it would be received by their countrymen - why the inventors of the recent technology failed to capitalize on it immediately.

In the end, the socalled Quartz Revolution was both a blessing along with a bane for watchmakers in Switzerland. On the plus side, it did make them the world's number one exporter of timepieces. But these new digital versions place a great deal of old-world masters out of work. Because a lot of them refused to accept the brand new technology and focused instead on improving mechanical models, they eventually fell by the wayside. According to watch historians, the total amount of watch companies has plummeted from 1600 in 1970 to around 600 today. But even though their numbers have declined, Swiss watchmakers have been able to really raise overall watch exports, due largely to improved production techniques and lower material costs.

Where are we now?

Like most new technologies, the appeal of quartz-powered watches finally started to fade. Yes, they were accurate and affordable, but a lot of them seemed, well...economical. Working professionals wanted timepieces that combined modern styles with old fashioned craftsmanship. In the next several paragraphs, we will discuss a new business that does just that.

Stuhrling Original was set up in 1999 by a businessman who has three generations of Swiss watchmakers in his own family. Because he believed he could carve out a niche for his new firm with high-quality, stylish timepieces Max Stuhrling IV select to enter the amazingly mature watch market. But Stuhrling Original didn't have to settle for being a market player.

The business has reported positive growth every year it has been operating. Stuhrling Original is now one of the quickest growing watch makers on earth. The following is a simple list with descriptions of their most popular models.

Apocalypse Skeleton

The name could be a little off-putting, but the watch is really quite fetching. It is an automatic timepiece, meaning that it's powered by cogs, gears and jewels, rather than electronic pulses. Most new companies start with quartz - powered electronic watches, since they truly are less costly to produce. But Stuhrling Original didn't cut corners. They knew the modern watch wearer needed a stylish timepiece to wear to the office and one for casual wear too.

The Apocalypse Skeleton is a timepiece that uses the fact that it's a mechanical model to its artistic edge. The plan is known as a skeleton because the watch dial is open and it lets the wearer discover the inner moving parts of the watch.

Sportsman's Eagle

Like most modern watchmakers, Stuhrling Original supplies a complete line of sports watches. These watches are designed for use within the outside and for sportsrelated activities. The Eagle is a timepiece that has an oversized case and an easy to read black dial. Magnified date window and the lustrous orange hour hands give the watch a distinctive appearance. A black leather watch strap with orange stitching sets the finishing touch on this unique timepiece. The Sportsman's Eagle has a synthetic sapphire watch case that protects it in up to 155 feet of water. The watch is powered by genuine Swiss quartz movement.

Classic Heritage

Stuhrling Original has attained a reputation for a maker of eyecatching timepieces. But even for them, the Classic Heritage is on the ostentatious side. The watch features a 16 karat gold rose toned case, a black mother-of-pearl watch dial, and rose-gold toned hour hands in leaf style. Arabic numerals keep track of the hours and there is even a date window alongside the three o'clock hour position. The watchband consists of water-repellant alligator-embossed French leather. It is an awful lot of watch for a very affordable price. Stuhrling Original offers a full range of watches for professional and everyday wear. Locate your favourite version now.

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