Giving Watch as a Gift for Wedding’s Anniversary


Having a new year of marriage is surely an important event that worth to be celebrated. In order to make the occasion become more lovely and memorable, you can celebrate it by giving your spouse a gift. There are many gift ideas that you can pick for wedding’s anniversary and watches can be a wonderful gift for your spouse. A timepiece is very suitable to be given for your beloved spouse since Henry Van Dyke wrote, "For those who love, time is eternity." The given timepiece surely reflects your idea of how love and time is related in eternity.

Tips of Choosing The Watch for Him

Giving watch is a great wedding’s gift idea because your husband can wear the timepiece in many occasions. There are some things that you need to keep in mind before buy a watch for him. First of all is the personality of your husband. If your husband belong to a man that does not really fond of fashion, you may consider buying a watch that come with simple design so that it can be used in several occasions. If your husband belongs to a person that does not like to be late, you need to choose a watch that offers quality accuracy and quartz watch will be the right type of watch for wedding’s gift. The second is the hobbies or activities that interest your husband. Many manufacturers produce watches that come with certain purposes such as for pilot, diver and hiker. If your husband likes swimming, you can choose a water resistant watch. If your husband likes to have an active lifestyle, you can give him a sport watch that is equipped with an anti-shock device because it will make the watch tougher than the common watch.

Tips of Choosing The Watch for Her

Giving watch for your wife can be a little bit tricky. It is okay if your wife already has watches because usually many women like to have different types of watches that are used for different occasion too. Before you buy a watch for your wife, you need to pay attention on the watches that have already been owned by your wife so you will not buy the same type of watches. If your wife likes to match her outfit with the jewelry, you can buy her a functional piece that not only showing time but also showing fashion sense. You can choose a timepiece that comes with diamonds and jewels. This type of watch is surely dress up your wife’s outfit. Choosing the watch band is also important. If your wife has not owned a watch with leather band, this might be the perfect time for you to surprise her.

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