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Best brand of watches for nurses - Watches you can make as an additional accessory for your wrist. Suitable combination will make you look more attractive. Therefore you should know clearly the kinds of watches and can combine the watch with the appropriate clothing. Women need a lot of support accessories to beautify their appearance, for example, is watches is important accessories to support the appearance with the selection of watches. Of course right, your appearance will be more interesting and elegant. Many among those who are less understood with how to choose the right watch. The selection of watches can affect your appearance, if you are wrong in the selection of watches that you wear; it will feel less comfortable seeing.


Casio Baby-G was first introduced in 1991 by Casio. Casio is known already producing quartz watches for women since 1980. Casio is one brand that first made the first digital quartz watches in the world one of which is a Casio calculator watch ladies. In the '80s digital watches Casio artificial woman, gained appreciation from the market, because of cheap, artificial ladies Casio watches quite sophisticated, trendy and stylish for the woman who wants to look elegant but still sophisticated. Casio Baby-G was born not out of the success of the G-Shock that has been produced since the early 80s. Indeed Casio Baby-G is a clock that is technologically and construction together with the G-Shock men's version. However, Baby-G is designed more compact and small as adjusted by the size of the wrist of the women who generally are not too big. Baby-G also look feminine with bright colors A women like pink, white, red etc.

Standard features such as the G-Shock stopwatch, timer, and display light and water resistance is present also in Baby-G. This makes the Baby-G as digital quartz watches are quite reliable for women who want to watch a sophisticated yet still have a feminine side. In addition, construction Baby-G which is equal to G-Shock makes this clock resilient, making it suitable also used by women for outdoor activities and sports. Casio founded by Tadao Kashio in 1940, has a philosophy to make watches ladies innovative and make life more colourful and women differently. Innovation in developing Casio Baby-G no doubt, because of the Baby-G is now equipped with advanced features such as tough solar, atomic waveceptor and water resistance up to 20bar. Baby-G is a form of sacrifice and dedication Casio for the Best brand of watches for nurses who wants to look dynamic, innovative and fashionable.

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