Football Field Dimensions International Standards


Football Field Dimensions International Standards. Football is a sport game is arguably the most popular, the sport very, very famous all over the world fans had come from all walks of life, from children, teenagers to the elderly. it is no wonder that this sport is soccer the most popular sport. In addition there is also a football game that is not different is that the sport of indoor soccer (Futsal) is not much different from the sport of soccer but indoor soccer field size is smaller than the size of a football field.

Here I will explain about the size of a football field:

  • For the length of a football field is 100 meters and 110 meters and a maximum width size is At 75 meters up to 90 meters.
  • At the dividing line of a football field is 50 cm.
  • In the football field is a circle having a radius of 9.15 cm in the middle of the place, or kick off the start of the match.
  • To the penalty box It has a length of 40 meters and a width of 16.5 meters, a distance that is a penalty kick 11 yards from goal.

foot ball field measurement

Soccer Goalkeeper Size

Soccer goalkeeper has the height and length of 2:24 meters crossbar is 7:32 meters to 12 cm and a diameter of goal nets are mounted on the back of the net has a hole size of 10 cm.

Now, you know, how the size of a football field, hopefully this article can add insight to your knowledge. May be useful.

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