Foods to be avoided at dinner in order to be optimal fat burning


When bedtime and stomach feels hungry, then inevitably, we have to fill the stomach with food. However, we need to know what foods are best eaten at night and what foods are forbidden for consumption at night.

Hunger is not the best solution when we feel hungry at night. Hunger was more dangerous than foods and can actually make the body more fat. If you are hungry at midnight, snacking is actually fine to do. The requirement, we must remain careful in choosing the type of snack that does not even make you difficult to sleep.

avoid this food and drinks

For that, we need to know what foods to avoid if we want to snack when it's late at night. Here are foods that should be avoided at night.

Avoid fatty foods

Actually, the stomach needs a break. At night, the body's digestive and metabolic process. Oily and fatty foods will make you feel sluggish in the morning. This is because at midnight the stomach is forced to work harder to digest all the food.

Although hunger is not good, but when you consume food at night then you should stay away from fast food, nuts, ice cream, or foods containing cheese. Oily and fatty foods trigger fat deposits in the body.

Avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates

Consumption of sugary foods can also help you sleep more soundly. However, if you eat too much or choose the type of high-carbohydrate foods, blood sugar levels will rise rapidly, so that it can disrupt sleep comfort. Avoid sugary snacks and weight as the processed egg and flour, dessert, chips, rice with side dishes coconut milk, or bread. Chew just fruit or cereal as his successor.

Avoid red meat

Consuming red meat in the middle of the night will make the digestive work very hard so that you will have trouble sleeping. No need to avoid protein altogether, which certainly consumption only in portions to taste.

Avoid spicy foods

Should avoid spicy foods, whether produced by chili or other spices when I want to eat at night. Spicy foods can disturb the stomach and chemical compounds in it, and can stimulate your senses making it difficult to sleep.

Avoid large meals

Eating too full stomach discomfort. If you want to snack when it's late at night, make sure the total calories remained under 200 calories. Read also how to reduce high-calorie drinks in the previous article. Be careful also to be fat, which target you when eating food in large portions.

Sleep in a state of a hungry stomach is very unpleasant. If it had to eat, just do not eat until you feel too full. Note also the fat content of food. If too much fat, should be avoided. Choose fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables.

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