Fatty foods and how to stop eating junk food


Junk food is a food that is not good for health. Junk food has a high amount of fat and contain fewer nutrients. Junk food is synonymous with fast food, like French fries, hamburgers, and other fast food. Read also the dangerous too many eating hamburgers. By knowing the least nutrients in junk food, you can figure out a way, how to stop eating junk food.

Basically, potato protein and carbohydrates are good for health. However, because the frying process, the potatoes are not good and not healthy. Moreover, taken continuously for long periods. The fat content in fried potato is saturated fat, which is not good for health.

In addition, the junk food also contains a lot of salt content. In the fast-food restaurant, usually the type of drinks served are soft drinks, such as cola. If too much is consumed, junk food and soft drinks will cause the body's health declined.

For those of you who already have a child, the child should not accustomed too often consume junk food in the restaurant. The food is really unhealthy for children who were in the growth period. Children are better conditioned to consume lots of fruits and green vegetables. WHO categorizes 10 food groups that fall into the junk food. So you can figure out how to stop eating junk food, and kick the habit for your children. Here is a breakdown of food from 10 of the junk food group:

1. Canned Food

The food was packaged in cans usually like fruit or meat. Canned food becomes unhealthy because every canned food usually contain preservatives that are not good for health. Not only that, the nutrients and nutrients is reduced.

canned food

2. Fried foods

Typically, fried foods contain calories and high fat or oil, so that it can lead to obesity, and coronary heart disease. In the frying process occurs carcinogenic substance that can lead to cancer.

3. The food was burnt

The food is roasted or grilled, baked or grilled foods can lead to food to be burnt, and substances that occur can lead to cancer.

4. The food is marinated

The process of marinating food made salt levels in food is high, so that the burden of work processes and risk of renal hypertension, as well as the effect on the stomach and intestines become irritated and inflamed.

5. The food is sweet and dried

These foods contain nitrate salts in the body and when the join produce carcinogenic substances, and also contains additional segai Esen so can damage the liver. Also has a high salt content so that it can increase the risk of high blood pressure and too burdensome functions of the kidneys.

6. Sweet foods are frozen

Foods such as ice cream, frozen cake, and others included in this group. These foods contain high butter, resulting in obesity and high blood sugar, and can result in reduced appetite.

7. Fatty Foods

Foods with fatty meat and bowel, this meal contains saturated fat and cholesterol that can lead to coronary heart disease, colon cancer, and breast cancer. Read also the effects of dietary fats on health.

8. Processed Meat

Food processed meats, such as sausages, ham, and others are processed foods, which contain dyes, and preservatives, which can interfere with the performance of the liver. In ham contained high sodium levels and can lead to blood pressure and kidney disorders. It also can lead to cancer. This is because these foods contain salt nitrite.

9. Instant noodles

Instant noodles contain preservatives that are not good for health. Salinity in the instant noodles can cause kidney weighs workload, increase blood pressure. Instant noodles also contain trans lipids that can cause disturbances in the heart's blood vessels.

10. Cheese processed

Too often consume processed cheese can lead to increased weight and increased blood sugar.

Junk food is harmful to health because it contains saturated fat, high sugar, and salt. These foods are considered foods trigger factors of obesity worldwide. You might consume too much junk food, which in turn lead to heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, and liver damage. By knowing the types of junk food, now lives we are looking for ways how to stop eating junk food, that you adjust your lifestyle respectively.

Junk food may be many negative effects, however, does not mean you should not eat it at all. You can consume it should only be about 2 to 3 times a month. Better to keep, avoid, rather than regret later on.

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