How to Eliminate Black Spots On Face Naturally


face cleanUnlike men, the majority are not too concerned with the serious problems of his face. For women, the face is the body part that is very valuable because it will greatly support the appearance. The face is one part of the body is very important and requires special attention to maintain because the face is one of the most sensitive parts of the body when compared to the other limb. The emergence of a wide range of facial problems such as blemishes, dark spots, or wrinkles on the face will certainly make us insecure. Hence you have to know how to remove the black spots.

For teens who are experiencing puberty, the face will become very sensitive to oil, sunlight dust and dirt from the outside, which in turn can cause interference on the face, one of which is the presence of black spots. There are so many brands of cosmetics are widely used to cover the black spots on the face. However, these materials not only serve to cover up to remove black spots on face. Indeed, there are several cosmetic ingredients that serve as a facial cleanser, but it does not hurt also to try to eliminate black spots on the face by using natural ingredients that would be cheap.

Here are some ways to eliminate black spots on face naturally.

  • Using Cucumber Skin. You stay rub cucumber skin on the face that there are many black spots. Very good also for you to consume a lot of unpeeled cucumber. In addition to nutritious skin to brighten and eliminate dark spots on the face, unpeeled cucumber was also able efficacious to make your skin firmer.
  • Using Papaya Fruit Leather. You just put a papaya fruit peel at black spots on your face that is to be removed. To eliminate black spots and inhibit the release of wrinkles on the facial skin, the skin turns papaya could be one alternative.
  • Using Sweet Orange Peel. First of all you need to make a potion of sweet orange peel to boil manner. Then strain the herb was down to the water course. After that, water was boiled sweet orange peel while still warm. It is recommended to drink this concoction once a day over a period of three months to get maximum results. Not only can serve to eliminate the black spots on the face, sweet orange peel extract can also serve to smooth the skin.
  • Using Peaches. Apply a peach smoothed on the face. After that, gently massage the face that has been smeared with peaches and let stand before the face for 10 minutes. After that, wash your face thoroughly. Besides peaches, you can also use the white part of watermelon the same way.
  • Using "gold bananas" skin. Until now, Mas banana peel is suitable to remove black stains, especially stains arising from chickenpox scars. You live carp was rubbing the banana peel on the face that there is a black stain, then let stand for a while until dry and then rinse with water until clean. If you do this way regularly and consistently, it is quite possible spots black spots on face will completely disappear and your skin will be clean again.
  • Using Bengkoang/Yam. Peel yam and grate the fruit until smooth. After that, apply grated yam fruit was contained on the face of the black spots. Then let stand for 10-15 minutes and rinse with clean water. Repeat this two times a week to get satisfactory results.
  • Using Mixed Rice and Cinnamon Powder. Mash until smooth and then add the rice powder cinnamon to taste. After that, a mixture of fried rice collision and cinnamon powder before without using oil, then stir until the material was completely mixed and until creamy. Once cool, apply this herb contained in the black spots. Repeat this three times a week until black spots completely disappear. This is the last point of how to remove black spots.

That article how to remove black spots on face naturally. May be useful to you.

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