How to Distinguish Original and Replica Watches/KW?


original watchesHow to Distinguish Original and Replica Watches/KW?. With so many outstanding replica watches, he himself has been transformed into a separate industry that is worth billions of dollars. Many people who do not care about the authenticity of the watch, which is an important and attractive design affordable. There is also a tremendous respect for the value, quality and prestige gained by buying and wearing the original product.

Nothing could be more, especially for developing countries, not everyone could afford the original watches. Prices shown may reach thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. But, on the other hand, well-known brands have spent a lot of money and labor to produce an attractive watch designs that are often the product "kw" is more tempting than usual products cheap price.

Problem at hand is a non-original global problem that complicated. This article does not try to offer a solution to it. But what if the answer is no easier as help buyers distinguish original products from watches kw? A buyer who has to reach the pockets of course deserve the products they buy. (Yes, many vendors that sell replica products such as original quality, so be carefull!)

Here are some tips that can be used when buying original watches:

1. Price. Most of the replica watch is sold on the streets and the web site. If you do not pay close attention, you may not be able to distinguish the original with the replica. For ordinary people, price is the first factor to consider. Of note, the seller is not trying to offer their products as original.

So, it is helpful if you find out in advance the price tag for the original product. Use the internet and visit sites that are authorized distributors or retail outlets. When you shop, at least you know the expected price range. As a reference, the price of Tag Heuer Carrera range from $ 2,500 to $ 3,000. Supplier of premium replica fix the price between $ 500 to $ 700. Kw products are cheaper, around $ 500 alone.

2. Serial numbers. Lux watches have serial numbers on it. Make sure you have a number of watches this when buying. If buying online, the seller should be able to provide the desired number.

3 . Learn the model. The official site usually offers complete data, including photos of products from various sides. Some watches are expensive even displayed in three-dimensional format. Learn every detail including needles, chains and buttons. Kw hours usually do not duplicate any of the details are there, except the replica is priced higher.

4. Logo and brand. To avoid the problem, some manufacturers of replica products are slightly different logo print, or read the wrong brand. Make sure you consider carefully before paying.

5. The validity of the document. Especially when the official site promises the document, make sure you get it when buying.

6. Substance/material. Original watches replica most weigh more than the material used for quality than less expensive materials.

7. Lifespan. Expensive brands usually produce watches that can last decades, even a lifetime. At least ten years for the middle class end products. Hours replicas are usually sold without warranty and can last a maximum of two to three years. This is reasonable considering the quality of the material means of production.

8. Distributors. If possible, buy only original watches from authorized dealers. Famous brand websites usually have a list of authorized stores worldwide.

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