Is the difference in fat and cholesterol


The terms fat and cholesterol are very often heard. however, still a few of you might know, the difference in fat and cholesterol. Cholesterol become very popular the last few years because of the many people who consult with your doctor about cholesterol. Later convicted of a disease caused by excessive cholesterol in the blood. Here is the difference between cholesterol and fat.



Fats are also called lipids, that is a substance that is rich in energy resources. The energy content in the fat used by the body to metabolize. Fats consist of components that are generally soluble in organic liquids, but not soluble in water. There is a type of fat found in foods, such as unsaturated fat and no saturated fat, and other fats such as trans fats, cis fats, and omega fatty acids. In more detail, divided into simple fatty fat, fat compound, and derivative fatty third one is colesterol.

Nutrition experts say, adults should consume as much as 15-30 percent fat of total calories. But it also depends on the activity of each person.


Basically, cholesterol is not fat. But more to the chemical compounds produced by the liver. Cholesterol is also found in cheese, eggs, butter, and fatty red meat. Although cholesterol is necessary, but excessive cholesterol is not good for the heart. Cholesterol is produced by the body to aid the formation of cells and the formation of cell membranes in the vicinity.

Cholesterol is one of the sub-sections of the fat. But both, fat and cholesterol differently. A food can be high in fat content but is free of cholesterol, but can also reverse, high cholesterol and fat free.

Based on its chemical composition, cholesterol can be interpreted as a complex fatty substance. Most of the cholesterol in the human body comes from the human body itself. The liver is the major contributor to cholesterol. Approximately 80% of cholesterol produced by the liver, and 20% of them obtained from the food you eat.

Cholesterol is not always dangerous, because cholesterol is also needed to make sex hormones, forming cell walls and other functions. Cholesterol becomes worse when excessive amounts.

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