Di Maria Maybe Moving to PSG


PSG, Paris Saint Germain ready to take advantage of the turmoil Angel di Maria at Manchester United. France's elite club intends to recruit Di Maria in the transfer market this summer.

Di Maria middle depressed at MU. Performance is considered dropped dramatically in the early 2015's. (read the previous article, MU sell Di Maria).

angel di maria

The Argentine's time to shine at the beginning of his career with Manchester United since purchased from Real Madrid. But entering the mid-season 2014/2015, Di Maria was not as good as at the beginning of the season.

In the last three games Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal never played Di Maria in full.

Di Maria also troubled family security issues in the UK. Family of 27-year-old player also does not like living in Manchester after his home was almost robbed.

The situation is reportedly making Di Maria is not happy anymore playing with Manchester United. According to the Daily Star PSG will take advantage of this situation. Nasser Al Khelaifi club is already long been eyeing at Maria.

When Di Maria still defending Madrid, PSG also tried to recruit him. But when they have to bite the finger that compete with Manchester United.

MU supposedly not mind directly sell Di Maria to PSG end of the season. They worry that prices will decline when Di Maria continued to appear bored next season.

Fund sales Di Maria will be directly used MU to buy their target Gareth Bale.

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