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David and Goliath is Gladwell is a best-selling book titled David and Goliath, and written by an author named Malcolm Gladwell. This book is a good book that has been published in several versions, versions of hardcover, paperback, audio CDs, and Audible. For the hardcover version, the price of the book for $15.95, $10.03 for paperback, audio CD for $40.00, and for the audible version, the price is $20.95. Decent price for a best-selling book.

Malcolm Gladwell is a respected business thinkers today. Despite a lot of criticism and rebuttal against him, especially related to the impression that too ease and lack of valid data, but still acknowledged that the idea is unique and brilliant. David and Goliath Gladwill book will be one book that is remembered for a long time.

This book is full of very interesting stories and astonishing, and provide a new understanding different. When there is competition between the small and the giant, the smaller will be more likely to win, as long as he competes in a different way and exploit the weaknesses of the giant. A weakness can actually turn into benefits and advantages, as long as it is done properly.

David and Goliath Books brainchild Gladwell gives a very interesting depiction, the flip turn our thinking. Malcolm Gladwell is a writer of genius that I like. His "Tipping Point", "Blink" and "Outliers" flip turn our thinking about many things. And this book will also make us think twice about the things that we consider to be a weakness.

David and Goliath Gladwell review:

3000 years ago in Palestine, there is a very beautiful valley, the valley of Elah is split into two areas. Of Crete in the south came the Philistines who wanted warlord stormed toward Israel. When capable of crashing through the valley of Elah, and into the mountains, it will be managed to confuse and divide Israel.

King Saul was king of Israel at the time, and heard directly bring soldiers guard the opponent's attack. Eventually the two sides of soldiers on both sides of the opposite. Philistine people from the south do not dare crashing into the north and vice versa soldiers Saul also can not attack to the south. Because anyone who attacks first must pass through the valley and would be easily beaten destroyed by the opposing party.

For a long time the two sides persisted, until finally it was decided a single combat that determines the winner. It's a time honored tradition of war was to avoid bloodshed outstanding, or when a "deadlock". Party Philistine warrior send their most intense. The greatest giant in every war always wins. Goliath down with the armor of iron, iron helmet, and the third largest weapons of war, escorted by a guard who brought his shield.

Amazed at the mighty Goliath, no one, the people of Israel, who dared to fight. Until finally a shepherd, David, to Saul to represent Israel against Goliath. He said: "Let me fight, I used to protect my animals and kill wolves and tigers that want to eat it." Because there is no choice, the king allowed it. King offers armor and sword. But David said: "Thank you, but I never wear it." David was left with a 5 stone and a slinger.

Goliath was insulted and said: "Come here, I'll shreds your flesh and give your flesh to the birds of heaven and the beasts of this forest." And when he saw David approaching, Goliath shouted: "Do you think I'm a dog, that thou bring repellent sticks?"

David twisted his slinger, and he fired a very loud rock it, right in the middle of the forehead eyes Goliath, and Goliath fell instantly collapsed. David took Goliath sword and cut off his head. So everyone Philistine defeated, fled in disarray.

Slinger, or slingshot that brought David is not a toy slingshot with rubber and wooden V-shaped, but the weapon at the time it is often used in war, prowess and accuracy recorded in history as one of the many weapons as efficacious as an arrow shooting distance. Slingshot it is a 2 strap leather middle there, where the rock is played at a speed of up to 6 rounds per second, and a detachable strap so that the stone will slide with the same power with 45 mm gun. And when the head of the enemy can penetrate the cranium and instant kill.

Goliath is a big giant that is certainly strong, and capable of war at close range, using the big guns. Research shows that almost every giant has a weakness in the eye is always blurry, and slow motion, so he had to be escorted maid that is not smashed into the left and right. He thought David would come and play with her melee war. Everyone thought, war it is a close combat, hitting each other with swords, machetes, and spears.

When David put Slinger, as he ran up to Goliath, there is no doubt that David must have been able to defeat Goliath is in armor, heavily armed, and it moves slowly. Malcolm Gladwel said that, before of fighting, with clearly visible that David will win an absolute. So this is not a coincidence, but a thing that can be ascertained. Not because of the fighting close combat that is expected by Goliath. Because this fight happen beyond calculation Goliath or many others.

In business, it often smaller can always win, if know how her fighting. How can a manner that is beneficial, because the pattern of the game played outside the giant. Giants strong only in certain respects, he was great just on one line only, but in the other game giant it will be weak, because of the greatness exists only in a few things. This is a bit David and Goliath Gladwell reviews, which I think is very interesting. Regardless of the value associated with the history and beliefs, for example about differences in religious beliefs, there are many lessons to be taken, in life and business. Amazing.

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