Competition smart watches and Swiss Army watches, which one wins?


Here is an article on the news about the arrival of smart watches that will compete with swiss watches. As a fan of watches, I feel this is really good and interesting. This will further increase the number of options that I can buy and add to my collection later.

Responding to the many reports circulating about smartwatch or smart watches, Swiss watches manufacturers remain calm. He said he was not worried if the vendors are racing to develop smartwatch will shift its position.

As quoted from Reuters (14/7), as well as Apple, which is now expressed interest in many smartwatch, is expected to revolutionize the watch market.

What's more, Apple's smart watches and other technology giants will be integrated with the smartphones, making it even easier for users to operate all gadgets in one control.

Even according to Kepler analyst Jon Cox, brand watches in the United States and Asia will directly hit when smartwatch official launch in the market.

But boss Swiss Group, Nick Hayek, admitted calm face of Apple's plans to enter the watch market. Not only that, he even said that it allows the Apple engineers visited the company.

Swiss companies are ready to accept the challenge from Apple to compete in the market.

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