Christian Bernard CB.MA 4801 ADD watches – Silver


Watches at this age may be very necessary for you when you're on the move, not only offer attractive designs, but these watches will help you better remember the time when he was busy with a variety of interesting features. For those of you who have a hobby of collecting watches, or want to buy a watch, maybe you will get confused in choosing a watch that suits you. Christian Bernard is a leading brand, which makes these watches be the right choice for you who want to have a watch that is trendy and stylish, which will make you feel more confident when wearing them. Here is a Christian Bernard watches reviews that may be beneficial to you.

christian bernard cm ma 4801 silver

Simple and Attractive Design

Christian Bernard CB.MA 4801 ADD casual but still glamorous. With proportional shape is perfect to decorate your wrist. The combination of a white background, with stainless steel on this watch strap, making it suitable for your clock feminine.

Analog Digital Multifunction

Analog clock digital output Christian Bernard's brand has answered what you need, because the digital analog clock is equipped pointer to read the minutes on the clock. The advantages of this hour that is the date and the instructions on the screen watches, there are also other notification on the screen that hour. And you can change the clock and the date and day of the Christian Bernard CB.MA this WH 5801.

High quality material

Leading brand product launches Christian Bernard Christian Bernard CB.MA 4801 ADD is made of a material of high quality stainless steel makes this watch to be more durable and will not easily broken. Designed for casual women for all kinds of ages. With fashionable and casual design will make you more confident than all kinds of seasons so that you are more confident while wearing them. Glass material made of sapphire crystal can withstand scratches and collisions are unintentional.

Features Impressive

Christian Bernard CB.MA 4801 ADD has resistance in the water up to 30 meters, so you can freely while using the watch. Not only waterproof, this clock also has a variety of interesting features such as features that can determine calculation date and the day that will assist you in remembering the date and time of day being active. With a variety of features that are attractive, your activity will be more fun and more confident when wearing them.

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