Cherry fruit benefits and how to breed it?


Cherry crop grown in many places, he became conditioning plant on the roadside. This plant is very tall and big fast. Only a few short years, this plant can be tall and bear fruit soon. Maybe by then, the plant is widely used as a shade plant. People love this plant because of the speed of growth. Particular area of ​​heat, can quickly become cold and cool in the presence of this plant. The presence of cherry fruit make a home page that heat into the cool and green back, quickly.

Many of our own truth do not know, whether the benefits of the cherry fruit. We only know that his kids love. Lately, we know that the cherry fruit can be used as a drug, the price is also quite high. Originally cherry fruit left alone and not used. Most of the fruit is consumed by birds.

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Cherry leaves can be used as an antiseptic. Cherry leaves contain tannins, saponins, and flavoid. Cherry leaf can kill many types of bacteria that harm our health. Cherry leaves are also efficacious as anti-inflammatory, fever and influenca, relieve headaches, and contains inhibitors of cancer cell growth.

Small cherry fruit. Cherry fruit many benefits as well. 9-10 cherry fruit eating grains a day, can reduce pain due to uric acid. Cherry juice can reduce the risk of muscle injury. Cherry fruit is a natural isotonic, and can also serve as a source of nutrition, nutritional sources. Cherry fruit can also be used as a refreshing drink.

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Cherry crop can be easily developed. Can be developed by means of cuttings. In nature, seeds are easily spread by birds. Birds like the fruit and can be spread through feces. As a hedge plant, cherry many people enjoy. They most also use wood as fuel. Technically, easy cherry crops bred and disseminated.

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Cherry tree itself actually comes from Latin America. Scientific name, Muntingia calabura L. Then it spread and flourished in Asia. Cherry crop is easy to grow wherever they are. Cherry tree strong and easy to adjust to a variety of soil conditions. Rapid growth. Within a period of 1 to 2 years, this tree has been able to reach a height of 4 meters, and fruitful.

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