Characteristics of a Good Carrier Pigeon


Carrier pigeon is a pigeon that has been trained to deliver a letter or message. Pigeons is one kind of birds are smart enough, have a good memory, ability to navigate, and has a natural instinct to return to the nest even though it went to great distances and long time, so that the letter delivered on purpose or definite until very the letter is unlikely to stray. Carrier pigeons fed a special diet in the form of a mixture of potassium carbonate and fish oil. The mixture is useful as a vitamin that can make pigeons become stronger and more easily trained. In Indonesia and other country in asia, the average pigeon is the result of cross-breeding between the races "Yansson" and "Delbar" from Belgium with other leading races.


In general it can be said that a good homing pigeon that body shape is sleek and slim, with a strong wing muscles and has a broad chest. Regarding the shape of the wings, choose a bird with wings form a nice, large and elegant. Choose a carrier pigeon that has clear eye color and clean It is very important to note, because eye color is clear and clean a lot of plays on the fly when the carrier pigeon. My personal experience is crisp and clean eye view of pigeon ease when we release the air from a height, when we will return to the cage.

Another thing to consider is the shape of the head, a good pigeon head is shaped aerodynamically, such as head shape fighter, this is also a very important role when the wind makes it easy pigeon fly pigeon who must be fought while in the air.

It is also a good characteristic of a carrier pigeon is a homing instinct of the bird, a bird that has a homing instinct that good, usually a little bit wild, even if the owner is a regular feed of the carrier pigeon. This can be seen when we hold the pigeon then there is a movement to free themselves from the grip of our hands.

Good pigeon will never feel at home in another place, if we buy a carrier pigeon that did not come from our cage, but after so long maintained then released not want to run the place their home cages, the pigeon is very feasible for disposal. Never pigeon breed like this. Because only spend time and money. Choose a pigeon who has good homing instincts.

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